As older products and technologies near their End of Life (EOL), developers are eventually forced to discontinue support in favor of new and/or upgraded software. You may be thinking that since you already know how these platforms work, you are in the clear. However, if you or your business are currently relying on a platform that has lost its developer’s support, you are not only vulnerable to ransomware, but it could also end up costing your business valuable time and money.

  One of the most important decisions you'll make in business is who you work with. And when it comes to IT support, that decision is especially crucial.  In the Digital Age, your data is your most important asset. The team that handles your company's information is also handling its future.
  Innovative Consulting Group is introducing its first major brand overhaul since the company was founded seven years ago. The updated brand features a new logo and tagline that capture the spirit of the company’s philosophy, evolution and roadmap for the future.