Picture this scenario: You see a glass of water sitting on the edge of the table, about to fall off. What do you do? Do you wait for the glass to fall and break, or do you move it away from the edge to prevent the mess?
If you’re thinking of hiring a full-time professional service team, the most important question is obvious: What comprises of the right team for my company? Before embarking on the search for the perfect professional service team, chances are you're wondering whether your company should seek an in-house team, or instead outsource your IT and ERP Support. While in-house support provides accessibility and a team that is integrated and familiar with your staff, outsourcing your support provides access to back-office support and skills that complement your team.
  One of the most important decisions you'll make in business is who you work with. And when it comes to IT support, that decision is especially crucial.  In the Digital Age, your data is your most important asset. The team that handles your company's information is also handling its future.