Part 2: CloudFour Hosting for Mobility & Flexibility

In our last post, we introduced the idea that with products like CloudFour Hosting, the manufacturing industry can become more mobile and flexible than ever before. Though production would still occur on site, core functions of the business could be done from afar.

Many may have concerns about moving their ERP to the cloud and we wanted to address some concerns head-on.

Why the heck should I trust ICG?

We are a manufacturing technology company! We live, eat, and breathe technology in manufacturing. And, we have 30 years of expertise in enterprise IT architecture and ERPs. Our team has spent decades working with ERPs, either on the customer implementation side, or the Infor side, and we understand pain-points as both ERP users and sellers.

Do I have to worry about downtime if it’s in the cloud?

CloudFour Hosting offers 99.99% uptime, ERP services monitoring, and high availability. We offer on-site and off-site backups, as well as redundant internet access, power, and HVAC.

What about security? My tech guy says the cloud is less secure.

With CloudFour Hosting, your ERP is housed in a private data center that specifically delivers the ERP. CloudFour Hosting offers secure, fully segmented, and encrypted traffic at all times. CloudFour Hosting also provides anti-virus and anti-intrusion appliances, ensuring your data is protected at all times.

OK, but what if I need to talk to a human to get support? Those cloud services never seem to have actual people working for them.

ICG prides itself on always being available to help, whether it’s 10 am or 10 pm. CloudFour Hosting offers a multitude of customer support options, depending on your specific company’s needs. In addition, we offer white glove onboarding to the product. This means that your business will experience minimal to no impact when you onboard to CloudFour Hosting. The transition from current operations to future operations in CloudFour Hosting is handled seamlessly by our team, leaving your team to do what you do best – manufacturing!

We are proud to share CloudFour Hosting with current ERP customers, including Fourth Shift, SyteLine, and Visual. We believe this product enables manufacturers to move into the future, without taking their foot off the production gas pedal. Products can still be produced, ancillary functions can be done seamlessly from afar, and stakeholders can rely on ICG’s expertise to modernize their ERP functionality.

Contact your sales rep to demo CloudFour Hosting today.