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Maximum Power & Flexibility

Infor SyteLine ERP

Infor SyteLine helps manufacturers improve their performance while reducing associated costs and helping you connect to crucial business processes. It is available as a cloud solution (CloudSuite Industrial powered by SyteLine ERP) or on-premise (SyteLine ERP).


SyteLine has the power to streamline production and meet customer demand more quickly with maximum flexibility, efficient data management, and processes that adapt to your unique business needs and goals. With advanced process automation technology and built-in scalability features, you can make adjustments and improvements as your business grows.

Software Capabilities

Infor SyteLine

Infor SyteLine can scale from 5-user deployments to over 1,000 users located in different facilities around the world. Built to be flexible, procurement and order entry can either be done at the plant level or the corporate level, and the general ledger can be consolidated to provide a single financial picture across the corporation. Each facility can be a supplier of another sister facility in the organization and planning includes lead-time and distribution required to source materials accordingly.



  • Cloud-Based (CloudSuite Industrial powered by SyteLine ERP) 
    • Improve performance and reduce cost while web-enabled technology connects all aspects of your manufacturing business, globally. With Infor SyteLine, all the benefits are combined and enabled by the web both securely and efficiently. All you need is a web browser, redundant internet connection, and strong networking and security, and you’re good to go.
  • On-Premise (SyteLine ERP) 
    • As a regulated manufacturer, you likely require a strict systems compliance policy. Luckily, Infor SyteLine can be implemented on-premise while maintaining security, encryption, and control of your ERP system. With just a solid IT foundation and the support of ICG’s Professional Services team, your ERP system will be delivered efficiently.



  • Extensibility & Flexibility
    • Infor SyteLine provides a highly flexible architecture that works with your business. With a user-friendly interface, as your business changes and grows over time, the software allows you to adjust your processes and procedures.
  • Mobile-Friendly
    • Whether you deploy your ERP system in the cloud or on-premise as a web application, your team can access your ERP system and all its data on the go with apps available for download for Android, IOS, and Microsoft.
  • Customer, Vendor, & End-User Portals
    • Provide your customers with direct access to the information they need including shipment details, inventory availability, and order/quote configuration. Plus, your suppliers can view and respond to inventory levels and purchase orders to help improve the efficiency of your supply chain.
  • Customizable Pages, Dashboards, & KPI’s
    • With Infor SyteLine, the information your team needs to succeed is at the tip of your fingers. Customize dashboards and KPI’s by modifying existing templates or creating your own to gather information and data needed to make rapid and strategic decisions.
  • See increased levels of performance, customer loyalty, and profits with the support of Infor SyteLine including the following:
  • Service Orders
    • Track and manage service requests to achieve more precise billing statements and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Repair and Preventative Maintenance
    • Manage repairs, reworks, and routine maintenance through a common user interface.
  • Technician Scheduling
    • See the availability, certification, and experience of each technician.
  • Mobility
    • Optimize your resources with accurate inventory and route optimization.



  • Discrete Manufacturing
    • From Kanban and Finite Scheduling to multi-level containerization and advanced Configure-Price-Quote, Infor SyteLine has all the built-in functionality your business needs to support discrete manufacturing. Your planners can perform ‘what-if’ analyses to determine options in manufacturing in the event of looming changes. Plus, your buyers can use RFQ functionality to request vendor price quotes.
  • Process Manufacturing
    • Easily adjust, monitor, and respond to your factory’s evolving regulatory environment while staying in compliance with quality standards and regulations. With Infor SyteLine, your business will benefit from advanced planning and scheduling capabilities, and quality management functionality.
  • Project-based Manufacturing
    • Integrated with Microsoft Project, a project with all dependencies, lead-times, and milestones can be imported into Infor SyteLine providing you with total visibility and control of your project. All orders—both for purchased items and lower level manufactured assemblies—are pegged to projects that consume them, so all costs are visible. For customer projects, down payments can be accepted and progressive billings can be made before final delivery.
  • Field Service
    • Maintain a competitive edge by tracking costs, improving inventory availability, and improving customer satisfaction. With Infor SyteLine, you can optimize the routes of your field service team so they can see more customers efficiently. Plus, with Infor SyteLine, your business has the software and tools to strategically optimize every aspect of your business from sales and inventory to contracts and analytics.

Achieve Excellence with ERP

The Power of Infor SyteLine

Infor SyteLine provides an arsenal of valuable tools to help you run your manufacturing operations from start to finish more efficiently. From materials and inventory management capabilities to multi-plant and site operation control,  SyteLine provides all the resources you need for success at your fingertips.

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ERP Deployment Options

Cloud Deployment (SaaS)

CloudSuite Industrial powered by SyteLine ERP


Unmatched Flexibility: Access your ERP software remotely with minimal help from your IT department. All you need is a computer, web browser, and internet connection.


SyteLine ERP


Security and Control: Maintain security, encryption, and control of your ERP system by installing Infor SyteLine on your server or existing infrastructure.


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