Focus #1

ICG’s first focus for 2023 is that Fourth Shift ERP and Visual ERP customers are key to the success of ICG’s business. In an earlier blog, we reviewed our 3 cores areas of focus for this year. ICG remains committed to our legacy ERP customers. And we have a number of product and service enhancements that we believe are beneficial to those customer bases.

The first is MFGStream. MFGStream is our recommendation for next generation data collection & process automation. This is because it offers unparalleled flexibility. It is device- and manufacturing software-agnostic. And, it runs on any web-enabled device, including mobile and handheld tools. Your shop floor will experience freedom to perform functions once limited to desktop computers.

The second is Tableau. Tableau provides fully integrated visual analytics to different segments of your staff in real-time. We selected Tableau as our Business Intelligence (BI) partner because of their laser-sharp focus of putting data front and center to make better business decisions and modernize both Fourth Shift and Visual. Manufacturers will find tremendous value with Tableau. They can access data from a single source of truth and share it seamlessly across the organization.

Beyond these two products, ICG offers ongoing ERP managed services, hosting, upgrades, training, and many professional services to ensure you get the most out of these legacy ERPs.