Focus #3

ICG’s third focus for 2023 is that your IT department is critical to the overall success of your business. We discussed this briefly in an earlier blog. Now we will take a deeper dive into what that really means.

ICG has decades of experience with technology, and we’ve always had a security-first approach. For IT we focus on: Architecture – IT Process – End User Applications, Infrastructure Maintenance & Administration. These in turn underpin all business operations. And it’s important for that technology to be secure and to be resilient. It must be able to withstand internal and external threats, and work seamlessly day after day and year after year.

Over the years we identified large technology gaps in many sectors, including manufacturing and banking. The gap occurs both in terms of dollar investment in technology and employee headcount, and with technology deployment and use. We see gaps in all sizes of companies, from small to enterprise level. ICG’s challenge and goal is to deliver complete cybersecurity services at a price point that is affordable and provides our customers confidence in their compliance and security posture  so they can focus on their business. We do just that!

Complacency leads to compromise. And compromise leads to loss of business!

Companies tell us that they want to be secure, but they have no real security plan in place. All too often, organizations rely on 20th century software-only services and the management and IT groups become complacent. Many IT groups or directors indicate they have a high level of anxiety around compromise and security, but they do have the time or ability to proactively plan and execute.  All of these factors contribute to complacency. And this is the exact time when compromise occurs.

We have partnered with DataGuard365 to offer process-oriented tools combined with a very experienced and highly skilled professional services team. This delivers a secure and resilient security foundation at a level that our competition cannot touch. Our team has developed the right combination of custom algorithms, tools sets, and constant monitoring to ensure security and containment.  No solution is 100%, but our Monitor – Detect – Isolate/Contain – Remediate – Prevent – Incident Remediation method provides the peace of mind that ALL IT departments and managers need.

ICG is the leader in cybersecurity providing process-oriented and people-oriented solutions for all business!