Fourth Shift® ERP Customer Information Center (CIC)

Do you find yourself frustrated with trying to locate information within Fourth Shift® ERP regarding your customers, orders, invoices, balances, or shipments?  Do you find yourself getting annoyed as you attempt to reprint old invoices and credit memos? Have you become exasperated trying to narrow down qualifying information by using more than the customer ID or name only to find that you must navigate through multiple screens to locate the information you need?

If this describes your company’s experience working with Fourth Shift®, then you need to explore the capabilities of Customer Information Center (CIC). With CIC, your customers can monitor the status of their orders through a self-service web access from the time the orders are placed all the way until they are delivered. Plus, with the capabilities to perform wildcard searches, you can filter records based on available information, making it much easier to locate the orders and customer accounts you need.

In addition to a ‘Home’ tab, there are eight tabs within CIC that each open a different screen, each allowing you to search through the drop-down menu, or by entering a Customer ID or Name. From there, you can filter results to fine-tune the returned records. However, each screen yields a different set of results.

The eight tabs included in CIC are as follows:

  • Quotes & Quote Details. Displays ‘Status 2’ customer orders (quotes) with a link to the selected customer order and its associated CO (customer order) lines
  • Orders & Order Details. Displays ‘Status 2’ through ‘Status 4’ customer orders with a link to the selected customer order to associated CO lines
  • Payments & Payment Details. Displays customer payments with a link to selected payment number invoices, a next level link to customer orders, and a final link to associated CO lines
  • Balances. Displays aged balance categories, unapplied cash and credit, and year-to-date sales and payments
  • Shipments & Pending Shipments. Displays prior shipments with a link to the related customers’ shipment number and order, plus a link to CO lines
  • Pending Shipments. Displays a graph of future shipments (item quantity / time), with each shipment having a link to the associated customer order line
  • Invoices. Displays invoices with a link to the detail lines for the selected invoice (which can be printed or emailed)
  • Credit Memos. Displays credit memos with a link to its related detail lines.

In addition to easy-to-navigate screens, CIC has additional features that enhance its functionality. When initially entering CIC you can add messages to appear on the home screen that become visible to all users. In addition, security can be defined for external users associated with a customer ID. This way, they are validated when logging into CIC and will only be able to see information related to their business.

Ready to see CIC in action or have additional questions? ICG is here to help. Our team of experts are equipped with the tools needed to conduct a demo and help introduce you to the software. Connect with us to get started.