Fourth Shift® ERP Version 8.00 – Restricting GL Account Use

On June 12, 2020, Infor released Version 8.00B of Fourth Shift® ERP, the most recent update of Fourth Shift® available to the public. Within release 8.00, Fourth Shift provided the ability to control which accounts can be used for Inventory Adjust (INVA) and Expense (G-type) Purchase Order (POMT) transactions. However, this functionality is not enabled out-of-the-box, and instead must be turned on to be active.  Once this logic is turned on, only accounts that can be used for these two transactions will be allowed.  Selecting an account that is not permitted will generate an error message and not allow the transaction to be completed.

Ready to enable the logic? Check out these instructions to get started: 

  1. On the General Ledger Configuration (GLCF) Screen, two new ‘Yes/No’ fields have been added—’Validate Po Exp’ and ‘Validate Inv Adj’ which represents Expense Purchase Orders and Inventory Adjusts.
  2. Next, on the General Ledger Chart of Accounts (GLCA), select an account. Then, press the Alt + F8 on your keyboard to display the attributes screen for the selected account.  

NOTE: Two ‘Yes/No’ fields have been added to this screen, along with the already existing user-defined codes and currency code associated with the account.  These new fields are ‘Allow Po Exp’ and ‘Allow Inv Adj’.  If either field is set to ‘N’ for the account and the corresponding Validate field on GLCF is set to ‘Y, then attempting to complete the addition of a G-type line to a Purchase Order or inventory adjust on the account will not be accepted.

This new feature is just one of the many reasons why your business should upgrade Fourth Shift— especially if your business is utilizing an older version that relies on platform software (Win Server and SQL Server) that is no longer supported.  Ready to upgrade or have additional questions about the software update? Contact ICG to discuss upgrading your system and take advantage of the enhanced functionality.