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Fourth Shift® Professional Services

As the largest Fourth Shift® consultancy in the world, ICG has everything your business needs to excel with Fourth Shift®. Whether your team needs financial consulting, process automation assistance, or technical support, our team of engineers and consultants can help.

Our Fourth Shift® Health Checks and support services in conjunction with our IT support contracts provide everything you need to grow and maintain your operations under one roof. Plus, our training services help your team comfortably navigate the software so your processes flow uninterrupted and efficiently.

Services We Provide

Specialized Fourth Shift® Support

From end-to-end support and performance tuning to system administration and business intelligence planning, ICG provides a comprehensive array of services and solutions to keep your business at the best.

Fourth Shift® Professional Services

We specialize in providing daily monitoring and maintenance to keep you operational while also spearheading upgrade, process improvement, and compliance projects. Our Fourth Shift® Professional Services team provides everything you need to grow and maintain your operations under one roof including the offerings below.

  • Manufacturing Consulting
    • Lean Manufacturing including Kanban
    • Production Planning
    • Shop Floor Automation
  • Process Automation
    • Bar Code and Data Collection
    • Infor VisiBar and VisiWatch
    • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Technical, SQL and ERP Administration
    • Health Checks and Performance Tuning
    • Complete training programs
    • System compliance and validation
  • Financial Consulting
    • AR/AP/Product line accounting
    • GL restructure
    • Corporate financial statements and GL report writing
    • Month-end assistance
  • Solution Implementation
  • Project Management

Fourth Shift® Managed Services

Focus on your business, not the daily grind of Fourth Shift® system administration and support. Let ICG’s experienced team be responsible for running and maintaining the day-to-day functions for your Fourth Shift® systems. As ERP System and SQL Server specialists, ICG provides precisely the support as you need. From on-call emergency support and optimal performance tuning to in-depth business intelligence and continuity planning, our Fourth Shift® ERP & SQL team ensures your team and ERP systems are taken care of. Plus, we let you pick and choose the support options you need, creating an unmatchable level of support for your system.

CloudFour Hosted Solutions

  • CloudFour – Private Cloud Hosting & Managed ERP Services for Fourth Shift® ERP
    • Extend the capabilities of your Fourth Shift® Software with confidence. CloudFour delivers robust and secure and on-demand ERP services to your team anytime and anywhere. Designed to work with your company, CloudFour delivers the security, speed, redundancy, recovery, and every aspect of Fourth Shift® to keep your business up and running. Plus, with ICG’s reliable team of IT and ERP specialists, we manage and support your full ERP suite and supporting applications.
  • Cloud Four Disaster Recovery Service for Fourth Shift®
    • While you may go to great lengths to keep your company protected, some things are simply out of your control. ICG’s Fourth Shift® Disaster Recovery services provide your business with a strategic plan to protect you from natural disasters, blackouts, and cyberattacks. We determine Real-Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives and outline a plan of action before, during, and after the damage is done—all from our secured CloudFour Datacenter.

Fourth Shift® Companion Products

Our software not only keeps Fourth Shift® current, but it extends it. We’ve paired with the best in software development to bring you Fourth Shift® companion products to assist you in streamlining your daily operations and simplify the manufacturing and reporting processes. Click here to learn more about our Fourth Shift® Companion Products.

Fourth Shift® Upgrades

Keeping Fourth Shift® relevant means keeping the software current. Many customers indicate to us that Fourth Shift® is not working for them or they are not able to support such old software. In fact, a key reason is that they have not upgraded the software in years, even though they are paying for Infor Maintenance and Support for it. It’s critical in order to realize the full value of the software. It must be upgraded. We have multiple options for you from CloudFour Hosting to an on-premise upgrade.

Let ICG Keep your system current and compliant at all times.

Drive your business forward with Fourth Shift®.