How to Choose the Right Professional Service Team

If you’re thinking of hiring a full-time professional service team, the most important question is obvious: What comprises of the right team for my company?

Before embarking on the search for the perfect professional service team, chances are you’re wondering whether your company should seek an in-house team, or instead outsource your IT and ERP Support. While in-house support provides accessibility and a team that is integrated and familiar with your staff, outsourcing your support provides access to back-office support and skills that complement your team.

Once you’ve decided which solution is best for you, the search for the perfect team begins. The biggest sign of an adequate professional service team is their skillset including, but not limited to:

  • Wide Range of Business Experience. From domestic to international, to manufacturing and distribution, a team that has experience in a wide assortment of areas is invaluable. Teams must be able to adapt to the constantly changing technology landscape. A team that uses outdated toolsets won’t be able to provide you with the service your enterprise deserves.
  • Expertise in Business Processes. This includes knowledge in Order-to-Cash, Concept-to-Product, Discreet, Continuous, Mass-Customization, 3rd Party Demand, EDI, and more. In addition, a team that offers managed services will relieve the pressure of handling daily technological operations and management. With such services, a team can solve your technology problems quickly, giving you time to focus on your business’ needs.
  • ERP & Companion Solutions. With enterprise resource planning (ERP), business resources and commitments can be easily tracked and managed. A team that is skilled in ERP solutions can help your business reach its full potential.
  • Architectural Platform. Integrated solutions, whether IT or ERP, support a variety of business functions. With a united application architecture, the adaptation process will not only be much simpler, but your company will also grow to be much stronger. 

Even if you find individuals with all of those relevant skills, it can be tough to ensure they are the right fit for you, your company, and its needs. Before making the final decision, here are a few additional aspects to consider:

  • A Vast Selection of Customers. Research the team’s prior work experience with other customers. It should go without saying that if they’ve let people down in the past, your experience with them will unlikely be much different.
  • Battle-Tested Process and Methodology. A team could offer the most important services and systems, but without a strong, established process, it will likely do no good.
  • Ability to Work Together Seamlessly. Verify that the team operates as a team should – together. If you notice a lot of hiccups in their collaboration process, they probably aren’t what you’re looking for.
  • Communication and Transparency. A relationship that is open and transparent is vital. Throughout this process, you will be trusting this team a lot, so it is essential to establish open lines of communication from the beginning.


Of course, we understand the search will never be easy, However, by keeping these key skills and aspects in mind, identifying the best professional service team for you should be a much simpler process. Think ICG might be the perfect fit for you and your company? Contact us to get started and to learn more about our personalized solutions.