How Well is Fourth Shift® ERP Working For Your Company?

Your company may be using Fourth Shift® ERP, but how well is it actually working for you and your company? While your team may utilize the software on a daily basis, you might also be lacking sufficient training, maintenance, updates, and software to keep Fourth Shift® and your company running the best it can. However, the reality is, you may not realize you need additional assistance.  

First things first, does this scenario sound like how things are at your company regarding Fourth Shift: 

  • Team members who implemented Fourth Shift® have since left the company.  
  • Those who utilize Fourth Shift on a daily basis have either never received formal training or have received outdated training (over 10 years ago). 
  • Users rely on hand-written notes or ‘tribal knowledge’ shared by other folks regarding what functions to use and input to complete transactions within Fourth Shift® ERP. 
  • Excel, Email, Access, or even hand-written notebooks have become indispensable tools to complete transactions because no one knows a better way to do things. 
  • Your team is utilizing an outdated version of the software because there never seems to be time to upgrade. And, without the knowledge and resources to do so, the hill to climb to complete the upgrade feels unsurmountable. 
  • System tasks (batch jobs, user and system maintenance, database processes, backups) are done following a rote procedure lacking the knowledge of how or why things are done, what options may exist, and have no awareness of better ways to do things 
  • Some users in the company swear by the information contained within Fourth Shift®, while most users swear at it. 

If these statements paint a picture of your business, you are not alone. In fact, there are many companies currently running Fourth Shift® who are in the same situation.  Luckily, ICG has helped many businesses who were mired in the same place to improve their operations including the following:  

  • Perform a Business System Review (BSR). We take a detailed look at how your business is using Fourth Shift® and the platform it resides on and couple it with actionable recommendations.  
  • Deliver Training. We provide generic functional training on Fourth Shift® ERP and/or deliver training focused on well-defined business processes and situations.  
  • Upgrade Fourth Shift®. This will ensure your business is working on the latest version with the most complete level of functionality, while also ensuring the platform software – Windows, SQL Server, etc. – are current and supported products 
  • Provide ERP Managed Services. Let us help you manage the day-to-day tasks of running and managing Fourth Shift®, including VisiBar, VisiWatch, EDI, and other companion products.  This includes ERP Health-checks to understand how your system is configured and help you position your software into a best-practices state to ensure reliable, optimal performance and stability. 
  • Implement CloudFour. Let ICG host and manage your Fourth Shift® ERP software for you in a secure cloud location. This way, you can access your software at any time, from anywhere. Not only does the business no longer need to provide or manage the platform for Fourth Shift®, but ICG will also manage Fourth Shift and the SQL database as well. 
  • Consider CloudSuite Industrial (CSI). If Fourth Shift is truly no longer a suitable solution for the business, our team has the experience and expertise to help you implement Infor’s CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) ERP solution. This software is the next step for Infor’s customers who have outgrown Fourth Shift. 

Not sure what the next step is for your business? The best way to determining the right path forward starts with an email or a phone call to ICG.  Let’s talk — we would be happy to start the conversation to help you move your business forward.