ICG is Investing & Partnering in the Tennessee Region

We had the privilege to sponsor and present at the recent Tennessee Manufacturing Association Road Show focused on Recovery. It is a multi-week event spearheaded by the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Tennessee Manufacturing Association. National and state manufacturing experts shared their perspectives on the current and future state of manufacturing in Tennessee. 

Our CEO, Jeff Bronson, gave a presentation called “A Look Forward—Manufacturing Technology & Digital Adoption.” Jeff’s presentation focused on permanent and temporary changes resulting from the pandemic. The manufacturing sector is experiencing a surge in production based in the Americas. An over 60% increase in production is occurring and is not expected to slow.  This is encouraging and exciting news for us all! 

Jeff shared ICG’s Foundation Approach and the importance of architecting your systems for the long-term. An important component is ensuring company leadership understands that technology is at the heart of your business and your processes, embrace it, and watch efficiency grow.    

To that end, Jeff recommended the following: 

— Utilizing modular-designed hardware and software. It is less expensive, more flexible, and doesn’t require as frequent updating or upgrading.  

— Making corporate security and data protection a high priority! Losing corporate data can have catastrophic results; performing regular backups and restores is vital.  

— Remembering that maintenance & support are key. Remember, running lean means you may not have the staff to do it all. Architect the right level of support and maintenance and outsource, as necessary.

It was great to share some high-level history of ICG and some key takeaways for those in manufacturing. As a Manufacturing Technology Company, we appreciated the opportunity to present to industry peers.