ICG’s Team Drives Visual Forward

ICG continues to support our Visual users, no matter what. For those ready to move on to a modern platform, we recommend Acumatica Cloud ERP. But for those for whom Visual works, we will continue to support you! And more than that, we will continue to innovate to ensure that Visual grows with your modern business. Our team creates products & solutions designed to optimize Visual.

Seven products we recommend to optimize Visual:

1. MFGStream – a data collection & process automation solution that is ERP-agnostic.

2. Tableaufully integrated visual business analytics and KPIs to different segments of your staff in real-time. 

3. CloudFour ERP Hosting – offers our customers the convenience to work from anywhere, scale on demand, and removes the burden from your staff of maintaining, supporting, and delivering the ERP system.

4. ICG Managed Services – ICG runs and maintains the day-to-day operations for Visual. Plus, we let you pick and choose the support options you need, creating an unmatched level of support for your system.

5. HaystackCRM – a fully integrated CRM for Visual. It’s modern, mobile-first platform is designed to serve the sales needs of modern manufacturers.

6. eCommerce – HarmonyB2B is the fastest-growing eCommerce platform for Visual. It is also available in a B2C version and as a stand-alone customer portal module.

7. Paper-Less MV2 MES – delivers powerful results to enable visibility and velocity across the shop floor, driving the goals of the business.