ICG’s Three Focuses for 2023

Thanks to our customers and partners for making 2022 the biggest year for ICG yet. We are expecting 2023 to be another great year for our manufacturing and banking verticals. ICG continues to invest in staff and partnerships that provide value and great customer service to our core customer base. Below are ICG’s three areas of focus for 2023:

1.Fourth Shift ERP and Visual ERP customers are key to ICG’s business.

ICG is dedicated to supporting both ERP communities.
– For the Fourth Shifters, we are excited about Tableau’s BI/KPI capabilities, and MFGStream’s enhanced functionality to replace VisiBar and VisiWatch.
– For Visual ERP customers, we are connecting MFGStream to Visual ERP to extend Visual’s Shop Floor capabilities.
– And for both, ICG offers ongoing ERP managed services, upgrades, training, and many professional services to ensure you get the most out of these legacy ERPs.

2. Acumatica Cloud ERP is the 21st Century ERP for manufacturers and distributors.

ICG became a fully authorized Acumatica ERP partner in late 2022. This is the future ERP for both Fourth Shift ERP and Visual ERP customers. Acumatica is the current global ERP leader, and unlike the “Big 5”, Acumatica reinvests 99.5% of every dollar into software improvement and feature set.This translates into huge enhancements to the software each year! None of the competitors do this. Imagine what you can do when you have growth-friendly technology, feature-rich functionality, and award-winning service and support behind you!

3. Your IT department is critical to the overall success of your business. In 2023, core IT focuses are strong Digital Immune Systems (DIS) and mobile & secure delivery of applications.

a. All businesses must identify and commit to strategic objectives and initiatives. Whatever your goal, technology must be a key component. Align business goals with a technology platform to ensure you meet your growth goals. Understand the industry-specific cloud platforms that complement existing architecture. Create enterprise-wide understanding and support for the solutions. The end goal is to create a productive infrastructure and platform that optimizes and modernizes existing processes.
b. Improving your Security Posture is key.  Digital Immune System (DIS) is a relatively new term for the industry. A DIS is the concept of investing in a set of practices, services, and software to improve the quality and resilience of business-critical systems. A DIS provides a model to prepare your organization to mitigate potential risks. It uses failures as learning opportunities to create a superior customer and user experience that is resilient to failures. ICG’s security services continue to expand, and all solutions are architected with security as a key component.


.c. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is perfect for manufacturing, and ICG has proven that Remote Desktop Services (RDS) alone and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will not get it done. Whether it is cloud or on-premise, VDI is a must for business growth, mobility, and IT desktop delivery & management.
Whether your business sticks with Fourth Shift or Visual ERPs, moves to Acumatica Cloud ERP, or hones in on your IT department’s strategy for 2023, ICG is ready and able to support your business goals and objectives.