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Every organization is different depending on budget, acceptable level of risk, and compliance needs. However, basic security principles remain the same. ICG’s decades of experience across a variety of industries means that we have a wealth of knowledge about cybersecurity. And with the increase of working from anywhere, businesses are facing increased security challenges, not only internally but externally as well.


But how to start? ICG’s security methodology emphasizes 9 key areas of focus. Implementing these will significantly increase your security footprint, and greatly decrease your risk for breach or compromise. Security is not a “set it and forget it” concept. We always recommend you schedule a discovery/assessment or focused health check with ICG. From there, we’ll build a security methodology and policies that are specific to your needs.


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Our top recommendations

“The Nine”

At a minimum, we recommend 9 essential components to protect your business. Our list evolves as the cybersecurity landscape evolves. Each of our recommendations are listed below.

  1. Develop a Security Team. This should include management along with IT, and meet weekly.
  2. Purchase Cybersecurity Insurance. While we don’t have a preferred vendor, cybersecurity insurance is critical. Be sure your policy is paid and up-to-date without any lapses of coverage. This guarantees payout in the event of an incident.
  3. Filter, Archive, and Back Up Email. We recommend Mimecast for cloud-based email management 0f Microsoft email products. It provides security, archiving, and continuity services for business email.
  4. Secure & Monitor the Perimeter of All Locations. Next-gen firewalls offer web content filtering and anti-malware. Make sure to hire an SOC to watch the perimeter and test annually.
  5. Stay Compliant. Every industry is bound to specific rules and regulations. ICG’s team of experts keep your business compliant. We have 25+ years CMMC, NIST, and HIPAA experience to name a few.
  6. System Administration, Patching & Upgrading. ICG’s “managed services your way” provides services customized to the needs of your business. Pay only for what you need, not for extras that don’t benefit your company.
  7. Secure & Monitor Endpoint Devices. ICG’s DataGuard365 is a modern and mature endpoint security platform provides a proven mix of software, services, remediation, and corrective actionable insights to prevent future outbreaks.
  8. Have Backups and a Disaster Recovery Plan in Place. 
  9. Implement Password Management & MFA. It’s important that both password management and multifactor authentication provide a frictionless service to the end-user.


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