Part 1: CloudFour Hosting for Mobility & Flexibility

Now, more than ever, manufacturers must be mobile. Even though products can’t be manufactured from home, many other functions can be done remotely. Executives, management, and administrative staff can all guide the production from home and be very efficient while doing so.

However, it can be difficult to deliver many ERP systems remotely. Our IT foundation approach is coupled with our three decades of immersion in every aspect of manufacturing, from the boardroom to the shop floor. And during this time, we developed the expertise to deliver manufacturing operations anywhere and at any time. The evolution of this expertise is the creation of CloudFour Hosting.

CloudFour Hosting offers private cloud hosting and managed services for many different ERPs such as Fourth Shift, SyteLine, Visual, and more. CloudFour Hosting delivers the security, speed, redundancy, and flexibility to meet the needs of your business – no matter the size.

The easiest way to deliver any ERP

With CloudFour Hosting, ICG takes all the ERP components, puts it in a wrapper, and hosts it in our secure cloud. CloudFour Hosting provisions the right tools to the right user group at the right time.  Servers, connectivity, maintenance, and support desk service are all included. CloudFour Hosting offers its users convenience to work remotely and the company’s IT team control over the environment. It’s the “easy button” for delivering any ERP.

It’s also more affordable than you might think. Especially because in December 2020, the US government approved businesses using 40% of the second round of PPP loans to move or host your business applications in the cloud.

Many in manufacturing may resist the idea that manufacturing can be just as “portable” as other industries such as tech. While production needs to occur physically on site, all the processes that underpin and support a manufacturing operation can now be done remotely. Call your sales rep to experience CloudFour Hosting’s mobility, flexibility, and ICG’s award-winning support.