Business Systems Review

ICG will perform a complete business systems and software audit and prepare thorough report analyzing our findings and recommendations. Our Business Systems Readiness Review includes our IT Infrastructure Assessment and we will also provide an IT Systems Review. Both plans will forecast a multi-year IT and business systems plan based on your company’s anticipated growth and business goals. If the purpose of the review is to begin the process of converting to a new ERP or distribution software, ICG will provide recommended products based on our findings. The Business Systems Review  will be staged in four processes:


  • Discuss your company’s goals and directions with business executives and managers.
  • Understand the current business process and system short comings in order to understand why and how decisions regarding technology systems were evaluated and implemented.
  • Perform a complete IT Infrastructure Assessment in order to ensure you have the right foundation to support the new solutions.


  • Collaborate with the company’s key personnel to create functional solutions for your business system.
  • Organize the requirement into process flow, automation and manual components.
  • Design and document the necessary solutions into the IT Systems Review.
  • Determine the appropriate software providers to support the business system’s needs.


  • Create a shopping list of the key ERP or distribution software that fits the business goals.
  • Compile a detailed budget for the project and effort for the acquisition and improvements.
  • Determine a realistic timeline and methodology for implementing the new solutions and streamlining transitions.


  • Present our solutions and plan to your organization.
  • Deliver the Business Systems Review documentation and IT Systems Review to management.
  • Begin to implement the solutions and schedule the projects.