IT Professional Services

MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL. Regardless of what size your business is, the decisions and costs of a proper IT support system can be daunting. From large manufacturing and distribution companies to small start-ups to every business type in between, ICG is here to provide you with everything you need to help you succeed.

If you are an established manufacturing and distribution company our ICG consultants are some of the most experienced in the country. Whether it’s procuring hardware or selecting the appropriate software packages, we are here to consult with you and understand the needs of your organization.

With unmatched expertise in IT design and implementation, ICG’s industry leading technology engineers deliver high-performance cost-effective network solutions for our customers. Our industry leading technology engineers specialize across virtually all disciplines related to enterprise computing. These highly skilled, certified consultants determine which technology products are best suited for your specific challenges, and then provide the services that will ensure the best return on your investment.

vCIO, Operations Management, & Support

ICG’s industry veterans partner with your organization for day-to-day tactical management of your IT environment. vCIOs ensure that technology recommendations remain aligned with your institution’s strategic business objectives.

Project Management

Ensure the success of your complex IT projects. A disciplined project management methodology is vital for maintaining communication among all participants, managing scope changes, and adjusting and controlling costs during every phase of the project’s implementation.

End to End Design - Physical, Virtual, or Cloud

Business success depends on a strong, solid IT foundation. Your IT infrastructure provides the foundation you need to build a flexible, scalable and manageable IT environment.

Security and Risk Management

Because of malicious breaches, theft of proprietary data and compliance requirements, security is now a priority for virtually every organization.

Application Management and Delivery

Whether your end-users rely on desktops, laptops, thin clients, tablets or smartphones, making sure they have access to their applications and data they need to do their jobs is critical. ICG’s App Dev engineers excel at Application delivery.


Of all the critical elements of a complete data center strategy, nothing is more dynamic than storage.

Network Services

ICG is partnered with the world’s top networking hardware and software companies. ICG’s teams of highly certified consultants and architects can build reliable, scalable and cost-effective networking infrastructure to fit any organization.

Performance Tuning

Software, Network, Hardware – ICG’s performance tuning combined with our Health Check gives you the peace of mind that your infrastructure is operating at its full potential.

Database Administration

Database administration should not just be a tactical maneuver. Databases are critical to the success of business applications. As database sizes grow into terabytes, and demands against these data stores from business initiatives increase, remote database support is integral and a strategic function.

Technical Support

ICG’s support team is available on an 8×5 or 24×7 basis to respond to your technical support needs. ICG will manage the entire process, communicating each step, enabling your staff to maintain focus on daily operations.

Device Management

In the world today devices are everywhere. From the datacenter to BYOD, ICG’s engineers can help you effectively manage and control all aspects of your devices.

Business Disaster Recovery Services

ICG can help prepare your organization for new Backups and Disaster Recovery challenges. In the era of the cloud-based hybrid data center, we provide a clear path for backups and disaster recovery.

Policies/Standard Operating Procedures + Documentation

Documentation is not a top-secret process, but this is an area ICG excels in. ICG’s process ensures that we capture the details of your network, systems, and incoming and outgoing technical services, along with information about the operations of the department every time.