Technology Systems Review

ICG offers a comprehensive Technology Systems Review (TSR) service that provides an evaluation of your environment, infrastructure, and applications based on your business needs. The TSR validates your existing systems and provides a plan to ensure that they are optimized for the best performance and are meeting your business goals. We ensure your systems are meeting industry best practices focusing on role, availability, stability, and redundancy. This guarantees that you can continue to scale and grow your infrastructure in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Once the evaluation is complete, ICG will present your company’s officers with a thorough IT Systems Review to ensure you understand the vision we have to enhance your success.


  • ICG’s approach is to first understand your business then address your technology needs to deliver solutions that meet your business objectives. During the process, ICG will meet with your executives and management to gain an understanding of your system’s shortcomings and understand how and why decisions regarding technology systems were evaluated and implemented.
  • Discuss your company’s goals and directions with business executives and managers.

Design & Collaborate
  • From our in-depth discussions, we will develop an initial plan that drives the remainder of the TSR. This process ensures the solutions we design meet your expectations and goals. It is critical that you build upon a solid foundation of hardware and software components working seamlessly to deliver the processes and applications that support your business.
  • Evaluate the systems. Collaborate with your senior team to deliver a design and budget for all your needs.

Need us to review a specific component in the infrastructure or review core technology. ICG has you covered. We can scale down to a focused visit to assess and review your specific needs. From networking, Active Directory, VMWare, to Ctirix and beyond, ICG can ensure the “health” of your system is meeting industry standards and apply our 20+ years of experience to ensure the system is running optimally.

  • Review existing network infrastructure and identify areas that require improvement or replacement.
  • Assess the existing physical network landscape, network security configurations and switch configurations.
  • Conduct an assessment of existing ESX hosts, as well as NIC connections to the data, storage and management networks.

Look at your core areas of security from Policy, Procedure to the Application level. We look at all the key areas that protect your business.

  • Physical
  • Perimeter
  • Internal

  • Network
  • Host
  • Application


  • Assess current VMware, vSphere and vCenter infrastructure components in order to evaluate the environment.
  • Conduct a full assessment of existing VMware and Hyper-V systems.
  • Identify key areas that can improve system performance.
  • Converged Infrastructure assessment and evaluated.
  • Conduct a review of Virtual Application and Desktop Delivery.

Review and evaluate the systems for possible migration to a secure cloud environment (Hybrid or Full Cloud). ICG works with your leadership to determine the best options.

  • Review all your core business applications, the technology requirements and ensure the delivery mechanisms are optimal and recommend adjustments as required.
  • Review Citrix, VMWare Horizon, Standard Client Deployments to ensure they are meeting the customers’ needs and goals.


  • Assess all physical server configurations, including all virtual hosts and any other servers in the environment.
  • Determine physical hardware load limits and performance configurations.


  • Perform a survey of virtual disk configuration of Microsoft Windows based virtual machines and provide best practice configuration for both space utilization and disk performance.
  • Assess the existing storage environment supporting the organization, including inspecting storage configurations for latency and disk I/O issues.
  • Conduct an assessment of the existing VFMS datastore layout, datastore configuration and provide the best solutions for optimal VMFS datastore growth in conjunction with your existing storage platform.