The importance of incremental change

Many companies, including large ones, have small IT departments. These are extremely lean teams; some may be only staffed by one person.  These folks are looking for ways to streamline their work so they can focus on critical IT functions. All too often, they are putting out fires. IT resourcing may be overlooked and undervalued for many reasons.

At ICG, we ensure effective resourcing of IT departments, regardless of size. This means the right software, products, training, and outsourced services if necessary. We offer expert and unbiased guidance designed to ensure the success of your business operations.

That’s because the technology foundation is what delivers your business.

Without a solid foundation, your business—no matter what you do—will struggle to deliver business applications effectively. That’s why ICG begins by studying the systems and processes that make up this foundation. Then, our team of experts develops solutions that bring you closer to reaching and exceeding your business goals.

Our team recommends solutions that are manageable, cost-effective, and easy to implement. We believe making incremental changes leads to exponential gains. The changes we recommend and implement all lead to strengthening your technology foundation, and ultimately your business operations.

Implementing incremental changes also means they are more likely to stick. Rather than overwhelming your team with big, grand (and often costly!) plans, start by picking a couple things that will dramatically improve your business operations. This will create a manageable plan of attack from which your team will use for guidance.

Also, incremental changes are much more likely to lead to good habits. Again, rather than burdening your team with numerous new processes, implementing a manageable number of changes sets your team up to execute successfully.

ICG’s experts skillfully evaluate your technology foundation and find areas to improve. We create manageable and actionable plans to set up your team for success. To learn more about how ICG can up level your business through incremental changes, contact your sales rep!