Top 7 reasons to move from Visual to Acumatica

ICG recently announced our new partnership with Acumatica – The Cloud ERP.

Our leadership team spent over a year evaluating various ERP software platforms. The goal was to determine the best recommendation for our customers. ERP selection and implementation is a major decision that requires significant time and money for our customers.

For many of our customers, their legacy ERP continues to serve their needs quite well.

And for those customers, ICG will continue to support Visual, leveraging our decades of experience with the software and systems. However, as our Visual customers are aware, the Visual platform continues to play catch up with more modern ERPs. Visual only recently has an API to support web integrations. This needlessly stretches the IT infrastructure of already taxed manufacturing IT departments. For many of our customers, a move-forward platform is needed to ensure the ongoing success of their manufacturing operations.

That’s why ICG selected Acumatica ERP for Manufacturing!


Acumatica is a 21st century ERP with an intuitive, award-winning user interface (UI). Its flexible and mobile features support the needs of modern manufacturers. More than 8,000 businesses globally rely on Acumatica to streamline their operations. Overall, Acumatica’s off-the-shelf excellence, growth-friendly technology, depth and breadth of functionality, and easy personalization make it the right choice. We are proud to recommend it to our manufacturing customers.

ICG knows Visual, knows you, and knows Acumatica. This means that ICG can accelerate your implementation. And, our proven implementation methodology makes it an easy  transition.

 Seven key reasons to move from Visual to Acumatica:


1. Users can access the ERP software securely from any device anywhere and at any time. Its modern, thin-client user interface (UI) is fully mobile for both iOS and Android.

2. Flexible deployment, in either a public or private cloud or on premise.

3. It is 100% compliant with Federal and other regulated industries.

4. Acumatica ERP offers best-in-class business and industry-specific solutions tailored to needs of your growing company.

5. Consumption-based unlimited user licensing model unique in the industry. This makes Acumatica cost-effective for all businesses, from small to enterprise.

6. 21st century platform architecture. Ninety-five cents of every dollar is reinvested in software development and improvement.

7. Acumatica is only partner delivered. ICG knows your business, knows Visual, and knows Acumatica. This means that ICG can accelerate your implementation.

We truly believe that Acumatica is the right step for our customers. To learn more about Acumatica, click here. To set up a demo, contact our sales team!