April Webinar Recap

From customer to invoice and all points in between, Quote2Order streamlines your operations. You can view the full recording by visiting ICG’s Presentations page. Or, we’ve recapped the webinar here:

At ICG, we firmly believe that delivering solutions is not just a software, technology, or hardware issue. All the pieces married together provides a cohesive solution. If your foundation is there and the framework is correct, you can run applications that deliver solutions.

Fourth Shift’s CUSM came out in the late 80s / early 90s. While there’s been bits and pieces of functionality added along the way, most of the product is the same. It hasn’t kept pace with the functionalities people now expect with a modern ERP.

Limitations include:

  • Manual communication workflow (for customers, engineers, and production alike)
  • No built-in processes
  • Difficult to find anything
  • Limited quoting ability
  • Limited customization ability


It’s critical that the ERP has accurate data that is seamlessly fed into the tools that drive your eCommerce.

Quote2Order solves the following:

  • A single pane of glass to do everything customer service-related
  • Real-time and full integration with Fourth Shift
  • Proven technology and supported software
  • Fixed annual costs
  • Always fast and always accessible
  • Well designed
  • Easy to manage
  • Options Assistant integration (Options Assistant Parametric Configurator is a versatile tool used by personnel in sales, engineering, materials, purchasing, and quality assurance)
  • Completely customizable for your processes
  • Eliminate manual processes (no more copying manual quote numbers!)
  • Unlimited electronic notes (no more sticky notes!) and document management


The webinar included a live demo of the product, which can be viewed in the recording. However, if you’d like a personal demo, contact your ICG sales rep! We’d be delighted to show you Quote2Order in action and answer any questions you may have.