What is MFGStream Platform?

MFGStream is a fully integrated, powerful ERP-agnostic platform that allows complete customization and automation of your manufacturing or distribution facility. MFGStream combines workflow, process, and transaction automation with a fast, user-friendly mobile interface. Quickly deploy workflow and barcode data collection functions instantly within your facility. Implement customized business processes and automation to detect and trigger events that respond in an automated fashion without user intervention. 

Developed by ICG and Shop Floor automation pioneer Keith Vincent, MFGStream performs hundreds of transactions with one scan.


Key Features & Benefits:

✓ Automate Recurring and Repetitive Processes

✓ Transactions Follow Business Processes (not limited by ERP)

✓ Preserve Your Investment if You Move to Another ERP

✓ Increase Productivity and Provide Full Visibility for Your Operation

✓ Reduce Decision Points and Data Collection with Easy-to-Use UI on Mobile Devices

✓ Design and Print all Labels Without Additional Licensing

✓ Modern Development Platform

✓ Improved Supply Chain Visibility



About MFGStream Automation

Warehouse Automation is the process of automating inventory movement into, within, and out of a warehouse with minimal human interaction. Any efficient warehouse can experience a delay in delivery times, which negatively impacts the customer experience and incurs unnecessary overhead costs. Contrary to widespread belief, Warehouse Automation only sometimes means physical or robotic automation; it often simply refers to using software to replace manual tasks. 

Deploying an automation strategy, such as MFGStream, does require some upfront costs. However, these costs usually pay for themselves through greater efficiency, increased sales, and improved customer service. MFGStream aims to reduce repetitive physical work, manual data entry, and analysis that can cause slowdowns in order fulfillment and inventory control. 



Rethink Workflow


Go beyond the built in and very limited ERP Shopfloor tools. Mid-tier ERPs lack scriptable shop floor process automation, data collection, and workflows. 

  • Add business logic to tailor generic ERP transactions to fit specific business needs.
  • Extend transactions to support specific workflows.
  • Add business logic and controls.
  • Allow or disallow transactions based on business-specific logic to enforce dependencies or validate related information.
  • Add additional controls to limit or cap the range of allowable user entries (e.g. maximum/minimum entry values or acceptable entries list).


ICG's Manufacturing and Warehouse performance history over the last decade says it all.




MFGStream is ERP-Agnostic

MFGStream is currently available for Acumatica, Fourth Shift, and Visual ERP. If your ERP is not listed, call our sales team and find out how MFGStream could work with your specific product.