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Welcome to ICG. What We Do.

Innovative Consulting Group, Inc. (ICG) is the manufacturing and distribution industry's premier information technology (IT) and ERP software service provider. We focus on helping clients choose the right technology platform (foundation) and applications to deliver the utmost value and performance every time.  


Do you need an ERP solution or want to maximize your current system to streamline business processes, optimize inventory management, and enhance supply chain visibility?


Do you need a robust IT solution to enhance real-time monitoring, ensure cybersecurity measures and regulatory compliance, and leverage cloud solutions?


Do you need expert management and support for your ERP system to ensure smooth operation, timely updates, and maximum business process efficiency?


Do you need reliable IT managed services to maintain and optimize your systems, ensure cybersecurity, and provide 24/7 support?



Supporting Companies of All Sizes, from the SMB to the Enterprise.

Our company embodies the spirit of innovation and the desire and willingness to share our knowledge and experience with others. We are a high-caliber team that solves the most complex enterprise-level challenges and strives to significantly improve our clients’ businesses.




The ICG Approach

It's Rooted in our DNA.

Technology plays a crucial role in the success and operations of businesses across all industries and sectors.

A solid technology foundation delivers your business applications when and where you need them. These two combined implement your unique business processes, allowing you to reach your goals.

ICG is a process-driven business technology company that ensures your IT platform securely delivers your applications and processes whenever and wherever you need them.





ICG Technology provides services across diverse industries, including manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, finance, construction, and government sectors. We offer tailored solutions to exceed client needs.









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Our Certifications:

ICG Technology holds industry-leading certifications that underscore our commitment to excellence and reliability. These certifications validate our expertise and proficiency across various technological domains, including ERP systems, IT infrastructure, and cloud computing. Our certification portfolio enhances our credibility and demonstrates our readiness to meet the evolving demands of the technology landscape, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of innovation and customer satisfaction. Click to Learn More.



Let us help you find what you’re looking for.

We understand that reflecting on your path to improvement can be challenging. That's where ICG steps in. We offer an outside perspective, free from daily pressures, to establish a solid foundation for your technology. Our proactive solutions anticipate and prevent roadblocks and issues. With decades of process-oriented expertise, we provide exceptional customer service and consistently superior outcomes. Our leadership team brings extensive experience in ERP selection, IT infrastructure, and cloud computing. We prioritize transparency, fostering trust at every organizational level to encourage ownership and accountability.


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