Minimize Downtime and Maximize Efficiency.

CloudFour Hosting, from ICG, offers private cloud hosting and managed services for IT & ERP platforms. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, having the right server hosting solution is essential to ensure your system runs smoothly and efficiently, with no outages, so your systems are available when and where you need them!



Protecting your software and business data is critical. CloudFour Hosting platform runs in Level 4 certified data centers with no other shared instances and the most up-to-date protection thanks to the platform’s leading cloud-based firewalls.


Employing leading cloud platform tools, such as Dynamic Workload Distribution, CloudFour Hosting assures that your IT or ERP platform has the processing power needed to run your growing business.


CloudFour Hosting platforms offer the highest availability thanks to redundant capabilities. By employing the platform’s advanced monitoring tools, you can rest assured that your IT/ERP solution is performing at its peak. In addition, our technicians perform daily data backups and, if required, execute data recovery procedures. 


Instead of maintaining on-premise servers and network equipment,  leveraging CloudFour Hosting relieves infrastructure needs by outsourcing management and provisioning of physical hardware. It eliminates the need for significant upfront investments in hardware, reduces maintenance overhead, and allows for allocation based on actual demand. 


CloudFour Hosting is an all-in-one solution that delivers a 24/7/365 comprehensive help desk, service desk, account management, asset management, remote controls, and advanced reporting in a secure environment with robust data segregation. CloudFour empowers customers to be hands-off.



Understanding CloudFour Hosting Options

faster performance, increased security, better reliability

As you explore moving away from on-premise, self-managed hosting solutions, it’s essential to understand
the different options available to you when it comes to cloud hosting services. 



Self-Managed Hosting


  • The customer is responsible for EVERYTHING





CloudFour ERP
ICG-Managed Hosting


  • Host your ERP System
  • Fully managed and monitored data center 24/7
  • ERP IT Managed Services included
  • ERP Managed Services included
  • Fully Supported: Your end users are supported by ICG’s Support Desk for any ERP-related issue
  • Secure and compliant – CMMC, NIST, etc
  • 24/7/365 Access from anywhere
  • Client delivery of all ERP and applications, reporting, etc.
  • Very flexible
  • Scalable on-demand
  • All hardware included
  • All IT, VDI, and SQL server licensing included
  • Weather unaffected 




CloudFour Complete IT & ERP
ICG-Managed Services


  • Host ALL your IT Systems, including ERP
  • Fully managed and monitored datacenter 24/7
  • IT Managed Services included
  • ERP Managed Services included
  • Fully supported: Your end users are supported by ICG’s Support Desk for technology issues
  • Secure and compliant – CMMC, NIST, etc
  • 24/7/365 Access from anywhere
  • Client delivery of virtual desktops and applications, reporting, etc.
  • Very flexible
  • Scalable on-demand
  • All hardware included
  • All IT, VDI, and SQL server Licensing included
  • Weather unaffected



CloudFour Hosting

Let ICG take the reins on infrastructure and hosting 

Servers, licensing, connectivity, maintenance, and ICG’s world-class support services are all included. CloudFour Hosting offers our customers the convenience to work from anywhere, scale on demand, and remove the burden from your staff of maintaining, supporting, and delivering the system. It’s the 'easy button' for delivering any IT or ERP platform.




Be Confident with
ICG CloudFour Private Hosting.


User Support

CloudFour Hosting includes user support to help employees with any issues they may encounter while using the CloudFour Hosting system. Support can range from troubleshooting technical problems to guiding specific usage of features, including 24/7 desk support.

Disaster Recovery

Managing backup recovery is a critical aspect of CloudFour Hosting. We work with your team to implement security measures and recovery solutions that protect sensitive business data and prevent data loss due to unforeseen events. Our proven service virtually guarantees system stability and availability 24/7/365.

Return on Investment

Outsourcing hosting management can lead to cost savings for the organization and increase ROI. Eliminating costly management of on-premise IT infrastructure enables companies to leverage their funds to other essential investments. 

Core Competencies

CloudFour Hosting includes Managed Services and ensures a robust and well-maintained cloud environment. Outsourcing management of your systems empowers your staff to focus on your core business functions and allows them to concentrate on tasks that directly contribute to the company's strategic goals. 

Speed of Deployment

Quickly provision and configure virtual machines, storage, and networking components. This allows organizations to swiftly set up and scale their infrastructure based on demand while ensuring efficiency and consistency in managing cloud resources.

Competitive Edge

Businesses that utilize private cloud hosting experience improved productivity and reduced costs. Relieving the pressures of making constant technology decisions gives business leaders more time to focus on core strategic objectives and grow their businesses. 


What Our Customers are Saying...

“ICG understood our business, our software, and our processes. We went live with ICG CloudFour Hosting and IT Managed Services over two years ago. With ICG on overwatch, I sleep peacefully at night. I would never go back to the old way.”



For more information, download the ICG CloudFour Private Hosting Product Sheet.