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Stuck in a technology rut?

18 April, 2023 Businesses are beyond busy managing their supply chain. Staff are overworked, and productivity is pushed to the limit. Many of our customers have poor technology solutions and/or aging solutions. Their IT Department or person is overwhelmed at times and does not know which way is up. No one wants to change anything because they feel like they are drowning…so changing anything is really hard. They are stuck in a rut. We are invested in our customers’ success and support them when they struggle!Our Managed Services group prides itself on becoming part of the technology/business team and helping...

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Critical Cybersecurity Topics in Manufacturing

03 April, 2023 Technological change is driving the manufacturing sector to reevaluate its cybersecurity approach. This is true for both information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) infrastructure. More than ever, these two infrastructures must be tightly coupled. For those running legacy ERP and IT systems, the cybersecurity challenges are different, but no less pressing. These businesses encounter inability to patch systems due to stability concerns, as well as a lack of basic cybersecurity features such as user authentication or encryption. Regardless of the age of infrastructure, a complete integration of IT with OT is nearly always the path forward...

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Visual 10 Upgrade

14 March, 2023 Infor Continues to Improve Visual and the Visual 10 Upgrade is no different! Infor recently released Visual version 10. According to Infor, it provides “increased order flexibility, more robust financial management capabilities, and manufacturing execution advancements. are designed to help modernize your production operations.” Visual is well suited for all make-to-order, engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, assemble-to-order, and mixed-mode order-driven manufacturing environments. These include: aerospace & defense, automotive, equipment, high tech & electronics, and industrial manufacturing. Visual is available in 8 languages. Visual appeals to manufacturers with any of the following strategic objectives: Desire for low cost of ownership; particularly...

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ICG’s Visual Team

09 March, 2023 Our Visual team is composed of 8 industry veterans, located across the US in Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington, California, Tennessee, and Kentucky. They have worked across a diversity of industries within manufacturing. These include: Aerospace and Defense, Semi-Conductor Capital Equipment, and Computer and Software. We are pleased to welcome Ken Kellenberger to our team. He joins us as our new Visual ERP Technical Consultant. In this role, he will provide software and implementation project expertise to new and current clients. ICG offers the following Visual services:Visual Upgrades – Many customers have not upgraded the software in years,...

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What missing functionality are you looking for in your next ERP?

22 February, 2023 We often hear feedback about the lack of functionality from their legacy ERPs, Fourth Shift and Visual. But there are hundreds of companies worldwide, of all sizes and industries, who use it to run their operations. Though they may have workarounds to fill gaps in functionality, often these gaps are more perception than reality. If Fourth Shift or Visual truly no longer meet the needs of your business, then you should start looking for a replacement. This is especially true given the legacy status Infor has associated with the products. However, before starting your search, determine critical...

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