ICG has everything your business needs to excel with VISUAL. Whether your team needs financial consulting, process automation assistance, or technical support, our team of engineers and consultants can help. From end-to-end support and performance tuning to system administration and business intelligence planning, ICG provides a comprehensive array of services and solutions to keep your business at its best.

Keeping VISUAL relevant means keeping the software current. Many customers have not upgraded the software in years, even though they are paying for Infor Maintenance and Support. To realize the full value of the software, it must be upgraded. We have multiple options for you, from CloudFour Hosting to an on-premise upgrade.

Let ICG Keep your system current and compliant at all times.

Focus on your business, not the daily grind of Visual system administration and support. Let ICG’s experienced team be responsible for running and maintaining the day-to-day functions for your VISUAL systems. We are ERP System and SQL Server specialists who provide precisely the support you need. From on-call emergency support and optimal performance tuning to in-depth business intelligence and continuity planning, our VISUAL ERP & SQL team ensures your team and ERP systems are handled. Plus, we let you pick and choose the support options you need, creating an unmatched level of support for your system.

  • CloudFour Hosting – Private Cloud Hosting & Managed ERP Services for VISUAL: Extend the capabilities of your Visual Software with confidence. CloudFour Hosting delivers robust, secure, and on-demand ERP services to your team anytime and anywhere. Designed to work with your company, CloudFour Hosting provides the security, speed, redundancy, recovery, and every aspect of Visual to keep your business running. Plus, with ICG’s reliable team of IT and ERP specialists, we manage and support your full ERP suite and supporting applications.
  • CloudFour Disaster Recovery Service for VISUAL: While you may go to great lengths to protect your company, some things are out of your control. ICG’s VISUAL Disaster Recovery services provide your business with a strategic plan to protect you from natural disasters, blackouts, and cyberattacks. We determine Real-Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives and outline a plan of action before, during, and after the damage is done—all from our secured CloudFour data center.
  • Manufacturing Consulting
    • Lean Manufacturing including Kanban
    • Production Planning
    • Shop Floor Automation
  • Process Automation
    • BTS Labor and Material and Wedge Labor Collection
    • Bar Code and Data Collection
    • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Technical, SQL, and ERP Administration
    • Health Checks and Performance Tuning
    • Complete training programs
    • System compliance and validation
  • Financial Consulting
    • AR/AP/Product line accounting
    • GL restructure
    • Corporate financial statements and GL report writing
    • Month-end assistance
  • Solution Implementation
  • Project Management



At ICG, we continue to innovate to ensure that Visual grows with your modern business. We offer extension products that are integrated seamlessly with the system to modernize it for the 21st century and help you improve your business. Whether your business needs business analytics/KPI dashboards, automated barcode & data collection, or a fully integrated eCommerce solution, ICG has a product for you. VISUAL integrates seamlessly with the best software development programs including MFGStream, Tableau, HaystackCRM, and more!

Click here to request access to the Companion Products Information Library.

  • eCommerce: HarmonyB2B is an intuitive and modern eCommerce platform for legacy ERPs. It is also available in a B2C version and as a stand-alone customer portal module.
  • CruxDB: CruxDB web-enables legacy ERPs. It is a cloud-based database that provides the foundation for eCommerce, CRM, and custom app integrations. 
  • HaystackCRM: HaystackCRM has a modern, mobile-first platform designed to leverage and access relationship management data on the go.

Tableau: This easy-to-use, customizable dashboard provides business intelligence metrics, tailored to the audience. From CEO to operations management to finance, Tableau offers fully integrated visual analytics to different segments of VISUAL users.

  • CloudFour Hosting: CloudFour Hosting provides private hosting and managed services for VISUAL ERP while delivering the security, speed, recovery, and redundancy your business needs.
  • Managed Services for Acumatica Cloud ERP, Fourth Shift ERP, and Visual ERP: ICG’s comprehensive services mean that your business can take a hands-off approach to your ERP, allowing your business to focus on manufacturing the products that drive profit.
  • IT Managed Services: ICG optimizes your technology and virtually eliminates downtime, allowing your business to run at its most efficient capacity. 
  • DBA Managed Services: ICG’s remote DBA service provides expert help and around-the-clock coverage to support your applications without the need for a full-time database administrator. 
  • MFGStream: MFGStream is a next-generation data collection and process automation tool that offers unparalleled flexibility. It is device- and manufacturing software-agnostic. Click here to learn more!
  • Paper-Less MV2 MES: The MV2 platform is a leading Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that delivers powerful results within manufacturing environments. It features tools to enable visibility and velocity across the shop floor, in order to drive the goals of the business.



ICG’s Credit Card Services (CCS) provides credit card processing natively within your Visual ERP system. Instantly get credit card authorizations and verifications and respond immediately to your customer to let them know their order is approved and on its way. The financial credit card sale/refund process is the most efficient on the market. You will see increased customer satisfaction and customer service, along with a happy financial department.



  • Works with and many local banks, merchants, and processors
  • Easy match of invoices to pre-authorizations
  • Cash Receipts and AR match
  • Preauthorize with freight and sales tax included 
  • Meet your same-day shipping goals
  • Charge card and ship order in minutes – not hours or days
  • Real-time verification of the transaction
  • Split Charge over many cards
  • Clean communication between your credit card transactions clearing house
  • No need for huge PCI compliance processes anymore. CCS is guaranteed 100% complaint via
  • And more...



ICG can help ensure you are using Visual to its maximum capability. But if Visual truly no longer meets the needs of your business, or you feel you are not getting the value you should from your investment in maintenance, support, coupled with expensive 3rd party integrations, then it may be time to consider a replacement.