Manufacturing ERP built for Driving Growth.

Offering capabilities that match the way you do business. Turn data insights into greater productivity and powerful customer experiences—sustainably and profitably with Infor VISUAL ERP.




Bringing Order to Your Orders.

Drive quality into every aspect of your manufacturing operation with Infor VISUAL, the ERP that empowers manufacturers to make decisions more confidently, address challenges more swiftly, and achieve exceptional results. VISUAL offers a comprehensive, user-friendly, cost-effective, end-to-end ERP solution that supports over 4,000 order-driven manufacturing companies worldwide in maintaining their crucial competitive edge. 

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Painless Implementation

ICG's personalized accelerated implementation approach means a quick, easy, and cost-effective launch for your business. Pair VISUAL ERP's intuitive interface that new users adapt to effortlessly with ICG's detailed implementation and staff training, and your business will hit the ground running. 

Work Order-Driven

VISUAL ERP's platform was built specifically to support work order-driven manufacturing of many industries. Take the guesswork out of price quoting and delivery date estimation with VISUAL's at-a-glance access to every order, constraint, and bottleneck in your organization. 

On-the-Go Insights

VISUAL's Dashboard interface provides real-time actionable information for manufacturers to be able to deliver their processes at every level of the company. See a thumbnail view of business performance via VISUAL’s Dashboard, tracking the entire workflow from start to finish for quick and accurate analysis whenever you need it.

Increase Efficiency

By providing real-time data about profitability down to the product and customer level, VISUAL helps manufacturers quickly weed out money and time-losing activities. Users can quickly access data, enabling them to reduce time spent finding and entering data and increase time spent on core business functions. 

Automate Shop Floor

Streamline your processes and operations by automating your shop floor with VISUAL ERP. Enhance efficiency by modernizing and mobilizing your shop floor, minimizing paperwork, reducing foot traffic, improving data accuracy, and eliminating data latency.

Prime for Growth

VISUAL meets the evolving needs of your business, delivering the core functionality you need with continuous platform development, innovative technologies, and unmatched security and reliability. VISUAL consistently adapts new solutions and capabilities necessary for keeping businesses efficient and up-to-date. 


VISUAL ERP Excels Across Many Sectors.

Delivering industry-specific enterprise solutions that fuel customer success.




Why Partner with ICG?

ICG has everything your business needs to excel with VISUAL. We are among the best ERP service providers in the nation and are able to provide the expert implementation, support, and service that our clients have come to expect. 


Knowledge Transfer

Partnering with ICG offers accelerated white glove ERP implementation, knowledge transfer, continued support and updates, and an extended team that brings decades of manufacturing and shop floor automation expertise and the technology to deliver it.


Whether your team needs financial consulting, process automation assistance, or technical support, our team of engineers and consultants can help. From end-to-end support and performance tuning to system administration and business intelligence planning, ICG provides a comprehensive array of services and solutions to keep your business at its best.



ICG's VISUAL ERP Service Offerings

Partnering with a team like ICG makes working with your VISUAL ERP even easier. With unmatched expertise and certifications, our team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to help your business reach new heights of productivity. If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us, and we'll make sure you're taken care of. 




VISUAL ERP Professional Services


Whether your team needs financial consulting, process automation assistance, or technical support, our team of engineers and consultants can help.

  • VISUAL ERP Upgrades
  • Manufacturing Consulting
  • Process Automation
  • Technical, SQL, and ERP Administration
  • Financial Consulting
  • Solution Implementation
  • Project Management



VISUAL ERP Managed Services


Focus on your business, not the daily grind of VISUAL ERP system administration and support.

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Regular Updates, Patches, & Security Fixes
  • SQL Server Specialization
  • 24/7/365 Support Desk
  • Optimal Performance Tuning
  • In-Depth Business Intelligence & Continuity Planning
  • Personalized Support Plan



CloudFour Private ERP Hosting


Utilize private cloud hosting to ensure your system runs smoothly and efficiently with no outages, guaranteed!

  • Host your ERP System
  • Out-of-the-Box Security & Compliance
  • Fully Managed & Monitored Data Center 24/7
  • ERP & IT Managed Services Included
  • 24/7/365 Access from Anywhere
  • Scalable On-Demand
  • All IT, VDI, & SQL Server Licensing Included




VISUAL ERP Extension Products: Innovation to Grow Your Modern Business

At ICG, we continue to innovate to ensure that VISUAL grows with you. We offer extension products that are integrated seamlessly with the VISUAL ERP system to keep it relevant in the 21st century and help you improve your business.



ICG's VISUAL Credit Card Services


ICG’s Credit Card Services (CCS), the ONLY PCI-compliant software package for VISUAL, provides credit card processing natively within your VISUAL ERP system. Instantly get credit card authorizations and verifications and respond immediately to your customer to let them know their order is approved and on its way with the most efficient product on the market.




Where Shop Floor stops, MFGStream picks up. MFGStream is a fully integrated, powerful ERP-agnostic platform that allows complete customization and automation of your manufacturing or distribution facility. This platform combines workflow, process, and transaction automation with a fast, user-friendly mobile interface. Make the common fast and perform hundreds of transactions with one scan.





HarmonyB2B is an ICG exclusive completely automated and full-service E-Commerce Platform that eliminates the need for additional plug-ins or programs. It allows you to create a B2B or B2C E-Commerce site and/or a portal for dealers and distributors that is fully integrated with your ERP. 





The Tableau KPI Dashboard is a business intelligence and analytics software that allows you to link data to gain key insights in seconds. What used to take hours is now readily at your fingertips. Tableau features modern dashboards, secure connections to data sources, licensing, and support. You can display metrics right on your shop floor. 



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