An Unbelievable ERP Upgrade
An Unbelievable ERP Upgrade

ERPs are critical in driving efficiency, productivity, and a competitive advantage for businesses in the manufacturing industry. So, how do you get back on track if your ERP falls behind and interrupts your business processes? When a manufacturing plant faced a series of technical challenges, its entire operation was put at risk. The company struggled with persistent VISUAL ERP disruptions, server firewall configuration problems, and unresponsive workstations, which fragmented productivity and jeopardized security.

Faced with these complex issues, the manufacturer turned to ICG. With a methodical approach and proven processes, ICG resolved these immediate concerns and optimized the company’s shop floor, setting the stage for sustained operational excellence.


The Challenge

The ERP is the backbone of manufacturing operations, and this customer’s VISUAL ERP was experiencing instability that led to system crashes and disrupted workflows. End users found it difficult to rely on the ERP for daily tasks, leading to inefficiencies and delays in production schedules. The installation issues led to extensive troubleshooting, contributing to the downtimes they faced. Along with these problems, their ERP system had not been updated for several years. They were also facing issues with their web-enabled VISUAL Shop Floor application becoming unresponsive, which affected employee productivity and efficiency. On top of the problems with their ERP, they also had poorly configured firewalls, which posed a security risk to the business. These misconfigured firewalls exposed the business to unauthorized access attempts and malware infiltration that would put sensitive information at risk.


The Solution

Recognizing these critical issues, ICG implemented a comprehensive methodology to address the problems. To start, ICG conducted a thorough assessment of their VISUAL ERP system, identifying and rectifying the root cause of their issues. ICG then successfully upgraded their VISUAL ERP to the newest version. Because ICG performed the upgrade, VISUAL ERP was pre-upgraded and thoroughly tested for any issues before the go live.

ICG also reconfigured the manufacturer’s firewalls, enhancing security protocols and ensuring robust protection against potential threats. This secured the company’s information and business continuity and facilitated smoother and more reliable network communications. Finally, ICG assisted in implementing VISUAL Shop Floor to improve manufacturing and shop floor operations. VISUAL Shop Floor allowed the manufacturer to see increased productivity and efficiency across the business.


The Result

By addressing critical issues and establishing easy-to-follow processes, ICG ensured that the manufacturer could focus on what they do best – delivering high-quality products to their customers. With optimized systems, a secure platform, and VISUAL Shop Floor functioning properly, the company experienced enhanced productivity, efficiency, and security.

When faced with complex technical and business challenges, trust ICG to provide the solutions that drive your business forward. 



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VISUAL ERP Quick Tip: VISUAL has a feature-rich API Toolkit. When custom integrations or extensions are needed, a full set of VISUAL APIs are available, eliminating the complexities associated with having to understand the database schema and business logic.