Cybersecurity Fundamentals: The New Nine - Part 1
Cybersecurity Fundamentals: The New Nine - Part 1

With cyber-attacks escalating, cybersecurity has become more than just a buzzword – it’s crucial in protecting your personal and professional information, finances, and business operations from online threats. As technology advances, so do the tactics of the cybercriminal, making it essential for businesses to prioritize cybersecurity measures. 

To help you navigate the complexities of fortifying your defenses, ICG recommends nine fundamental steps, dubbed "The New Nine" that you can start implementing today. Let’s dig into why a strong cybersecurity posture is indispensable and how these proactive measures can safeguard your business. 


Develop a Security Team

Building a robust security team is the first vital step in safeguarding your organization against cyber threats. A well-rounded team encompasses not only skilled IT professionals but also effective management. Together, they work in harmony to implement comprehensive security measures, continuously monitor for suspicious activity, and swiftly take action against potential threats.

By establishing a dedicated security team, your organization can proactively defend against evolving cyber risks, ensuring the safety and integrity of your valuable data and assets. ICG’s experts can help you assemble and empower a dynamic security team capable of navigating the complexities of modern cybersecurity challenges without breaking the bank. 


Purchase Cybersecurity Insurance

Safeguarding your business with cybersecurity insurance is not just a smart investment- it’s a necessity. With an ever-present risk of cyber-attacks, you must ensure your policy is not only purchased but also regularly paid and up to date without any lapses in coverage. Cybersecurity insurance provides peace of mind, guaranteeing a payout in the event of an incident, whether it’s data breaches, ransomware attacks, or other cyber-related disruptions.

ICG understands that staying ahead of cyber threats requires proactive measures; that’s why we work tirelessly to keep you informed and equipped, ensuring that you maintain the cyber standards the insurance companies require in their policies. ICG can help you choose the right cybersecurity insurance for your needs and get your cyber plan in shape to meet those stringent requirements.


Filter, Archive, and Back Up Email

Email is a primary communication tool for businesses worldwide and with the increasing sophistication of phishing and ransomware, it’s essential to fortify your email against potential attacks. For enterprises, the average cost of a ransomware attack, including downtime and remediation, is estimated at $1,500,000.

ICG recommends Mimecast - a leading cloud-based email storage and security solutions provider. Mimecast offers comprehensive services to filter, archive, and back up your emails, acting as a vigilant guardian for your organization. It works well with email products like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace to provide a holistic approach to email security and continuity. With Mimecast, you can rest assured that your business emails are protected from phishing attempts, malware, and other cyber threats, while also ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.


Tools are an essential part of your cyber plan, but your true recipe for success is in the combination of your tools with methodology, sound processes, and experience. When it comes to safeguarding your digital assets and protecting your business from cyber threats, ICG is your trusted partner. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, expertise, and comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions, we are dedicated to empowering organizations of all sizes to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity with confidence. Whether you’re seeking to build a security team, meet the requirements for cyber insurance, or fortify your email, ICG is here to guide you every step of the way. We will ensure that your business remains resilient and secure against cyber threats. Your cybersecurity journey starts here.

Stay tuned for the rest of ICG's "The New Nine" steps for protecting your business...



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