ICG’s continued support of Fourth Shift
ICG’s continued support of Fourth Shift

20 November, 2022

ICG is fully invested in the success of our Fourth Shift customers.  
Fourth Shift has been used by manufacturing companies for decades. And ICG’s team has been key to the development and success of Fourth Shift over the last two decades. We have helped refine and extend the software and with ICG’s skillsets and companion products we continue to keep it relevant. If Fourth Shift still meets the needs of your business, let’s keep on making it better by gaining efficiencies, and delivering unique solutions and integrations, thus ensuring that Fourth Shift continues to grow with your modern business. Below are just a few of ICG’s recent investments in and around Fourth Shift.

A few of ICG’s latest innovations for  Fourth Shift ERP: 
1. MFGStream– A data collection & process automation solution that serves Fourth Shift now and beyond! With MFGStream, you can immediately run existing VisiBar scripts and preserve your ERP investment, regardless of ERP type. Not to mention, it carries forward to Acumatica ERP or any other ERP, truly preserving your investment and reducing implementation costs.

2. Tableau– Fully integrated visual business analytics and KPIs to different segments of your staff in real-time. Best of all, ICG supplies initial template dashboards for your key departments and manages the integration from start to finish.

3. CloudFour ERP Hosting– Offers our customers the convenience to work from anywhere, scale on demand, and removes the burden from your staff of maintaining, supporting, and delivering the ERP system.

4. ERP Managed Services– ICG’s experienced ERP Managed Services team is responsible for running and maintaining the day-to-day functions for your Fourth Shift systems. Plus, we let you pick and choose the support options you need. This creates an unmatched level of support for your system.

5. HaystackCRM– The only fully integrated CRM for Fourth Shift. It has a modern, mobile-first platform designed to leverage and access relationship management data on the go.

6. eCommerce– HarmonyB2B is the fastest-growing eCommerce platform for Fourth Shift. It is also available in a B2C version and as a stand-alone customer portal module.

7. Paper-Less MV2– This Manufacturing Execution System (MES) delivers powerful results within manufacturing environments. It features tools to enable visibility and velocity across the shop floor, in order to drive the goals of the business.

Is Change in the Air?

If you feel change is in the air and  Fourth Shift no longer meets the needs of your business, ICG recommends taking a look at Acumatica Cloud ERP. ICG spent over a year determining which ERP in the industry really fits the Fourth Shift Base and we feel Acumatica ERP is your right path forward.