Meet the Team – Jeff
Meet the Team – Jeff

12 January, 2022

The leadership team at ICG has an enormous depth of experience in manufacturing technology. CEO Jeff Bronson is no exception. Jeff has more than 25 years of industry experience, which helped inform the creation of ICG. He also serves as ICG’s leading solution architect.

Jeff formed the precursor to ICG, which was a company called IBC. In 2010, Jeff joined forces with Nick Weber to form ICG. Since then, ICG has grown into a manufacturing performance and technology company and the largest Fourth Shift Consultancy in the world.

Jeff is a graduate of University of North Florida and University of Tennessee (Knoxville). His daughter recently graduated from there, as well, and he is a proud alumni supporter. He started his career in medical devices and custom HVAC manufacturing.

In his capacity at ICG, he guides the strategic direction of the company, ensuring it adheres to its founding vision. He also oversees Sales & Marketing, as well as many of the other day-to-day functions.

Jeff is a big-picture thinker, who is always driving the team at ICG to entrepreneurial excellence. The “commitment to customer service, and the desire to learn, grow, and stay nimble” are all things that he believes set the ICG team apart from others in the industry.

Fun fact:  Jeff is a car enthusiast. He has five cars that he drives and takes to car shows on a regular basis.