Why Migrate Fourth Shift ERP to Private Cloud Hosting
Why Migrate Fourth Shift ERP to Private Cloud Hosting

Minimize Downtime and Maximize Efficiency with CloudFour


ERP platforms require 24/7/365 attention. In the hustle and bustle of modern business, you shouldn’t be bogged down by constant firefighting and support delays. Whether it’s unexpected system crashes or difficulties in supporting your team promptly, these hurdles drain resources and attention from your primary goals. As your business grows, your current systems may struggle to keep up, hindering your adaptability and growth. ICG’s CloudFour offers a tailored solution to alleviate these challenges, freeing you to concentrate on propelling your business forward. 


Access Your ERP Anytime, Anywhere

CloudFour hosting revolutionizes the way you access your ERP system, offering a truly mobile and flexible solution for businesses of all sizes. ICG provides a hosting platform that is not only secure but also user-friendly, ensuring that you can connect to your ERP tools and data whether you're in the office, working from home, or on the move. Choosing CloudFour hosting for your ERP means you are connected to your business anytime, anywhere, with the simplicity and security you need to succeed. 


No More Fighting Daily Fires

One of the most draining aspects of managing an in-house ERP system is the constant need to address urgent and unexpected technical issues. These issues can range from minor disruptions to major failures that halt operations entirely. Managing these crises consumes significant time and energy and diverts focus away from strategic initiatives. With CloudFour, forget about constant system monitoring and troubleshooting. Our team takes care of all aspects of system management and maintenance, so you don’t have to. This means you can devote time and energy to strategic activities rather than operational headaches.


Uninterrupted Support

One of the key benefits of moving your Fourth Shift ERP to the cloud is gaining access to uninterrupted, round-the-clock support. This continuous support ensures that your ERP functions smoothly, efficiently, and without interruption. Our expert team provides expert, proactive, and continuous assistance to keep your operations and staff can maintain peak productivity without unnecessary downtime. 


Outages Are a Thing of the Past

System outages can be incredibly disruptive, resulting in lost productivity, frustrated customers, and potential financial loss. Transitioning your Fourth Shift ERP to CloudFour offers robust disaster recovery solutions and high availability to keep outages almost nonexistent. This change fundamentally shifts how you manage risk and continuity, ensuring that your operations are secure, stable, and continuously supportive of your business objectives. 


Scaling Made Simple

As businesses grow, their IT infrastructure must also evolve to support increased demands. This scalability can be a significant challenge with traditional on-premise ERP systems, which often require considerable upfront investment in hardware and software to expand capacity. CloudFour transforms this dynamic, offering a solution where scaling your system is effortless and efficient. By partnering with ICG, scaling your business becomes a strategic asset rather than a challenge. Cloud infrastructure supports rapid growth and flexibility – allowing you to expand your business easily and confidently. 


Fully Managed and Supported

Choosing CloudFour for your Fourth Shift solution means embracing a fully managed and supported environment that alleviates the burden on your internal IT team. This service model is designed to provide comprehensive management of your cloud infrastructure, covering everything from routine maintenance to advanced security. It ensures your ERP operates optimally without requiring constant attention from your staff. 


When you entrust ICG with your Fourth Shift ERP, you’re not just making a technological upgrade but embracing a vital partnership. Stability guarantees seamless operations, growth enables expansion, scalability adjusts to changing demands, and security safeguards data. With CloudFour, these crucial elements aren’t just aspirations; they’re fundamental aspects of your business strategy. By entrusting ICG with managing your technology, you free yourself to concentrate on what truly counts: nurturing and advancing your business goals. 


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Fourth Shift ERP Quick Tip: Enact CUID shipping restrictions to prevent oper-shipment and resource waste. The automated shipping feature uses a partial shipment indicator, not manual SHIP, but the workplace, MFGStream, and VisiBVar can use it. Over-shipment can be blocked, confirmed, or warned.