Cybersecurity Best Practices

Every organization is different depending on budget, acceptable level of risk, and compliance needs. However, basic security principles remain the same. In this blog, we share cybersecurity best practices, along with product recommendations.

Our decades of experience across a variety of industries means that we have a wealth of knowledge about cybersecurity. It is a topic that continues to grow in importance. And with more devices in use and the rise of working from home, businesses are facing an ever-expanding perimeter to protect.

And though the right security products are important, proper training is absolutely critical. Indeed, last year 95% of breaches were a result of human error. Because of breaches, theft of proprietary data, and compliance requirements, security is now—and always should be—a priority for your business. At ICG, it’s important to us to offer products that improve security. Your technology should be securely delivered anywhere, anytime.

Our top recommendations:

  1. Firewall: Fortigate. This is a next generation firewall that now works at the application level. Its zero-trust policy assumes all assets are compromised and treats them as such. It can easily scale up or down depending on size and complexity. And it is easy to manage.
  2. App patching and compliance: ICG’s “managed services your way” provides services customized to the needs of your business. Pay only for what you need, not for extras that don’t benefit your company.
  3. Email security: Mimecast. Cloud-based email management for Microsoft email products. Mimecast provides security, archiving, and continuity services for business email.
  4. Endpoint protection: Data Guard 365. This is an exceptional product at a very reasonable price. It is affordable for manufacturers and is industry specific.
  5. Backups and disaster recovery: Datto and Veeam. We recommend Datto for businesses with cloud operations. We recommend Veeam for businesses with virtualized operations.
  6. End user training. This is easy to neglect because it is not a product you purchase, but it vital, nonetheless. Ensure that training is consistent, proactive, and occurs across the business.
  7. Cybersecurity insurance. While we don’t have a preferred vendor, cybersecurity insurance is critical. Be sure your policy is paid and up-to-date without any lapses of coverage. This guarantees payout in the event of an incident.


Contact your ICG sales rep for more product recommendations specific to your business. You can also schedule a technology systems review to audit your technology.