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According to Gartner, the role of IT in the future will be to manage the global infrastructure and its associated services. The end result: a high-availability and redundant environment focused on enabling the rapid deployment of business services and deploying workloads to the right locations. To help your business prepare for the future and operate efficiently, our team of solution architects and engineers analyze your applications, workloads, and processes to identify opportunities that will optimize delivery of your systems.

Whether you choose to deploy a public or private cloud, or bare metal or hybrid infrastructure, ICG’s got you covered. Because ICG is not invested in a single vendor or technology, your team can be confident that our team of experts will help assess, plan, and design a custom solution that will help you drive revenue while reducing operational costs.

ICG specializes in data center and infrastructure architecture and implementation that businesses require to meet the challenging demands of doing business today. Our team is equipped to help your business find a custom solution fit for your goals including the following services:



Network architecture offerings from ICG can help improve agility, lower costs, and reduce complexity across your hybrid cloud, data center, and local and wide-area networks.

  • Data-Comm Selection
  • LAN–Local Area Network
  • VLAN–Virtual LAN
  • WAN–Wide Area Network
  • SD-WAN

Securing your business starts with your firewall. Fortify defense capabilities throughout your network with a full suite of protective services, establishing foundational security that guards your technology.

No matter the business, you need reliable storage, data protection, and data recovery you can count on. Today’s block and file storage technologies, combined with multiple data protection features, are complex. By partnering with ICG, your organization can leverage an entire team of experienced storage engineers current with the latest technologies, proficient at handling tough issues, and ready to address your needs.

From Dell to HP Enterprise (HPe), ICG’s engineers are experts at designing and implementing the correct amount of compute resources for your datacenter. In today’s myriad of hardware offerings, it’s imperative to understand how all these hardware and software technologies fit together.

Virtualization and deployment of the cloud enable organizations to effectively leverage, scale, and allocate their server, storage, network, and computing resources while providing IT as a service model to their organization.

  • Architecture & Implementation
    • At ICG, we help you simplify your infrastructure by virtualizing your computing environment and creating software-based versions of applications, servers, storage, and networks. Not only does this improve your agility without breaking the bank, but it allows you to focus on IT initiatives that get you one step closer to reaching your business goals.
  • Virtual Desktops
    • ICG specializes in helping businesses implement and manage their virtual desktops while also providing access to crucial applications. Create a flexible and scalable work environment using software like Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop, VMware Horizon or Horizon Enterprise, Microsoft Azure, or Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Plus, deploy desktops into logical workflows and receive in-depth monitoring capabilities within your workspace.
  • Application Delivery
    • Receive secure access to your applications fast from anywhere. With on-demand access to your crucial business applications, your business will have the flexibility to grow and expand while delivering all mission-critical applications.
  • Backup
    • Architecting your backups is critical to protecting your data. Your business is only as good as your last RESTORE. That’s why protecting your data is our utmost priority. We provide extensive backup solutions for even the most sensitive information. That’s why ICG invokes three data copies on two media types with two offsite copies. This way, when disaster hits, hope isn’t lost.
  • Disaster Recovery
    • Plan for the unexpected. While you may go to great lengths to keep your company protected, some things are simply out of your control. ICG’s Disaster Recovery services provide your business with a strategic plan to protect you from natural disasters, blackouts, and cyberattacks. We determine Real-Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and outline a plan of action before, during, and after the damage is done.
  • Replication
    • One copy is never enough. We stress the importance of ensuring your data is copied and moved between your company’s sites so your data remains available no matter what happens. Replication comes in many forms from hardware and software, to on-premise, and offsite. At ICG, we don’t let disaster slow you down. We architect the “right replication” solution for your business.

ICG is proud to partner with Endpoint Complete, offering enterprise-level security without the enterprise-level price. In addition to replacing existing anti-virus and anti-malware software, Endpoint Complete delivers three core services: Threat Intelligence, Managed Security Service, and Professional Services. We selected Endpoint Complete as our SOC partner because of their laser-sharp focus on intelligence gathering, cybersecurity defense, and detection of attacks. They offer immediate response, coupled with remediation. Protection is supported by expert analysts who provide 24/7 support across multiple locations. Endpoint Complete is included in IT Managed Services and can be purchased as a standalone product.