eCommerce and Your ERP

HarmonyB2B is a Content Management System (CMS), backed by CruxDB, which securely web-enables data from the ERP. HarmonyB2B and CruxDB natively integrate, eliminating additional plug-ins or programs. You can create a customer-facing website with eCommerce capabilities, a portal for dealers/distributors/ customers portal, and more!

Your ERP is the foundation and source of truth that pushes out info to a variety of platforms. If your company uses Business Intelligence (BI) software or non-native order entry software, both are fed data from your ERP. From there, your ERP can seamlessly integrate with CruxDB, enabling CRM/outside sales capabilities and digital catalog capabilities. Our eCommerce architecture securely enables two-way communication for all your marketing, product, and B2B needs.

In today’s highly competitive sales environment, relying on your sales team is no longer enough. It’s vital to have a robust digital marketing presence and immerse your customers in your brand.

And that’s where HarmonyB2B comes in.

It takes all the data from your ERP and utilizes it on a website palatable to customers of all types. With HarmonyB2B, you can provision access to different user groups. This means that sales reps or retailers from different regions see their specific information (and no one else’s). Retail customers can also see their order status, print orders, and check on payment statuses. And prospective distributors can see entire product lines.

HarmonyB2B includes other eCommerce functionality such as credit card processing services and sales tax. Harmony B2B features intuitive and user-friendly website design capabilities such as drag and drop features and content libraries. And because all the data comes from the secure CruxDB (which in turn comes directly from the ERP), the data can be presented in multiple formats. Use it to create websites, digital catalogs, kiosks, and more, all from one source of truth.

With HarmonyB2B, you can be sure that the goods your business works hard to manufacture are accurately represented and displayed. Seamlessly integrated with your ERP, it harnesses the power of your ERP and moves your sales operations into the 21st century.

To learn more about optimizing your sales processes to drive revenue, contact your ICG sales rep!