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Whether your goals are long-term or short-term, ICG understands the overarching goal to deliver quality products to your customers on time and in the most effective manner. With ICG’s expertise, we help you connect and integrate every aspect of your business. From laying the organizational groundwork to planning for the long haul, our ERP and IT veterans guide smooth and successful ERP implementations and upgrades.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are the backbone of modern manufacturing. The agility a modern ERP system provides is truly amazing. ERP implementations and upgrades are backed by business processes fine-tuned to the specific needs of each business. These help any company excel in today’s competitive environment. If your organization has a myriad of thrown together solutions or simply limped along with a legacy ERP platform, it is time to invest in overhauling your business operations.


ICG’s expert consultants have been working with Fourth Shift for decades and we know the product inside and out. We are pleased to continue to support customers for whom Fourth Shift remains the right ERP for their business. We also have a deep bench of consultants well-versed in Visual, with a depth of manufacturing knowledge.


For Fourth Shift or Visual customers who are no longer well served by their ERP, we are pleased to offer Acumatica. The consensus within ICG’s expert consultants is that Acumatica is the next step in the evolution of ERPs. It’s the biggest decision in the history of ICG, but we think it’s absolutely the right one.


21st Century ERP


Acumatica delivers flexible & mobile features designed to support the needs of modern manufacturers. More than 8,000 businesses rely on Acumatica to streamline their operations.


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Legacy ERP


Fourth Shift improves the quality and speed of operations, streamlining the manufacturing and reporting process to meet goals faster.


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Legacy ERP


Visual is an end-to-end ERP solution that supplies small and medium-sized order-driven manufacturers with the core functionality they need.


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Our foundation approach is coupled with our three decades of immersion in every aspect of manufacturing, from the board room to the shop floor. And during this time, we’ve developed the expertise to deliver manufacturing operations anywhere and anytime.


Whether it is consumer,  automotive, marine, defense, or products used in agriculture, ICG has experience working with a wide range of discrete and process manufacturers.

Aerospace and Defense


Aerospace and Defense production requires significant tracking and reporting to meet the requirements of government regulations, and ICG has experience in all levels of this manufacturing.

Automotive Manufacturing


Companies who manufacture products for tier 1, 2, and 3 automotive companies are faced with unique challenges associated with EDI and demand volatility. ICG has  been instrumental in assisting automotive component manufacturers.

Chemical Manufacturing


Chemical products manufacturers have specific requirements due to the nature of their processes and ICG has decades of experience working with and supporting these customers.

Medical Device Manufacturing


Medical devices range widely from products used in surgery to post-operative support and long-term care. In all cases, ICG has worked with customers engaged in every type of medical device manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


ICG has experience working with pharmaceutical companies large and small in the manufacture of their products and the validation of their processes as required by the FDA.

Roll/Conversion Manufacturing


Businesses that make products from rolled inventory converted to finished goods face challenges throughout the manufacturing process. ICG has decades of experience with paper, fabric, and metal roll/conversion manufacturing.



“Transparency is the key to building trust. Combine trust with experience and talent, and you have a recipe for success. When you partner with ICG, you gain a team of seasoned ERP and IT professionals, each with different experience and expertise. Our whole team is behind you to ensure we seamlessly implement an ERP that optimally supports your manufacturing operations.”

– Jeff Bronson, ICG CEO


• We take a foundation up approach. We get to know you, your business, and your operations. We help you navigate the process of selecting software platforms, conducting demos, and determining IT requirements for each ERP system to ensure you have the full picture. ICG’s expertise guides demo evaluations and ERP platform scoring to determine the best ERP fit. 

• Take your time and do it right the first time. The last piece of the puzzle is ERP Selection. Do not rush here as the ERP Software selected will affect your business for the next 10-15 years. 

• Now the fun begins. ICG utilizes our proven ERP implementation methodology. Once you’re up and running, our team curates custom support and management plans that match your budget, drive efficiency, and ensure your system delivers for years to come.

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