Fourth Shift Roadmap

ICG is pleased to share the latest Fourth Shift roadmap. It is full of helpful information about the product’s technical, application, and product development path. Our goal at ICG is to keep our Fourth Shift customers actively up to date on the status of the product.

Within the roadmap, you will find  three highlighted updates:

1. Addition of Microsoft 2019 support

2. Application enhancements

3. New VisiBar web client

.The roadmap highlights new feature development and improvements to Fourth Shift, with 8.00C Development and 8.00D Scope. Then, it gives a preview of QBuild’s CAD Link, which runs from the CAD System and directly integrates with Fourth Shift. Lastly, the roadmap previews some features in development and some which are R&D candidates.

This roadmap is indicative of continued future life and investment by Infor for years to come. We hope our customers find this information useful! Please contact your sales rep to answer any questions about the future state of Fourth Shift and the ways ICG can continue to support your ERP investment.