Fourth Shift Summit Recap

This year’s Fourth Shift Summit was originally intended to take place over three days in Savannah, Georgia. Like nearly everything else this year, our plans changed and we pivoted to an all-virtual format.  

We wanted to thank our participants for their flexibility in format change. We appreciated you engaging with our content in a meaningful way. If you haven’t filled out your post-summit survey, please do so – we read each and every survey and will be taking the feedback into how we approach next year’s event.  

We’ve already heard great feedback on the following: 

— Desire to learn more about implementing cloud-based solutions in today’s changing workplace.

— Appreciation for product updates, particularly those where cost/time savings are the result.  

— Useful product demos that gave participants a practical sense of how the products might work within their own companies.  

The change in format required us and our partners to be nimble and we want to thank all involved for their flexibility and openness to format change. Thanks to Emkat, a Barcodes Group Company, InforPaper-Less, LLC, and Xtern Software for partnering with us this year.  

We are excited to start sharing information about next year’s Fourth Shift Summit in Savannah, Georgia. In addition to meaningful content, the venue promises great opportunities for networking and enjoying the Southern charm of our host city.  

We’ll be sending out information over the next several months. In the meantime, we are here to assist on any needs and look forward to staying engaged with all our customers as we continue to tackle this unusual year.