ICG: Technology Partner to Manufacturers

Technology and Industry Experience and Depth Deliver every time

Pick the right team to take you there. Avoid the “I got a guy” syndrome. Make sure you have the right internal and external team with the necessary depth of experience. Most manufacturing IT departments are smaller and do not have the experience with the vast technologies required to support 21st century manufacturing. Partnering with an end-to-end technology firm like ICG is a must. We live, eat, and breathe manufacturing. Over 70% of our company grew up in the sector.

Architect the Technology Foundation

ICG designs the right infrastructure foundation to deliver your ERP and supporting systems. They will be secure and work anywhere in the world at any time, with no downtime or outages. Our IT architecture is secure, flexible, and modular to deliver what modern manufacturing requires.

It would be easy to look at each small problem individually. But designing the right technology foundation to deliver your systems and processes directly improves performance. This year and beyond, companies need to focus on applying end-to-end solutions and ICG’s approach is core to this. Technology foundations deliver applications and manufacturing ERP software. These in turn deliver your core processes, thus meeting your goals and increasing the bottom line.

Maintain, Support, and Secure the Foundation

As your staff focuses on adjusting, basic maintenance and support may be forgotten. Ensure all maintenance continues on your IT infrastructure, desktops, applications, databases, and communication systems. Manufacturing tends to run lean from a technology staffing perspective. Most department just don’t have the staff or time to properly perform all the maintenance necessary. ICG’s focus on continued maintenance mitigates risk and saves your company money.

Secure and Protect your Business  

Ransomware attacks are at an all-time high and systems are at risk of being compromised at all levels. Don’t have a false sense of security because you think your team has it under control. 80% of manufacturers have no security policy, are unsure of their security status, do not conduct routine security improvements, or audits. Anti-virus and anti-malware software is not enough. A firewall is not enough. Securing and protecting your corporate data requires a comprehensive approach. It relies on proper architecture, planning, software, and finally ongoing employee training. ICG takes and end-to-end affordable approach to security. We help you secure and protect your manufacturing business from disaster.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

You are only as good as your last restore or fail-over/fail back. Backups and disaster recovery are key components of ICG’s technology foundation. We have decades of experience with backup methodologies. We have a deep knowledge of the tools required to backup, restore, and replicate systems. This ensures you never lose data, you are always in a high availability state, and your disaster recovery is sound. As a seasoned MSP supporting regulated industries, we routinely test all backup and disaster recovery procedures for all our customers.

Driving Change Through Manufacturing ERP Software

Uniting manufacturing operations through integrated ERP software is simpler and more cost-effective than utilizing multiple disjointed systems. It also creates the level of data and process integration needed to drive process and production improvements. And it provides the tools to measure the business and give real-time manufacturing insights. Improve information visibility and business intelligence to make informed decisions in supply chain. ERP systems like Fourth Shift, Visual, and Infor SyteLine ensure digital transformation that drives tangible performance improvement and business growth.

ICG has a strong presence in the manufacturing industry, and we are a trusted technology partner for many institutions. We have decades of experience working with manufacturing leaders to build a strong IT foundation so your company can focus on what it does best — manufacturing! Contact our sales team to learn more about how ICG aid your business.