ICG’s Refreshed Website

We are excited to share the refreshed look and feel to our website. Our commitment to ERP selection and implementation hasn’t changed. We grew up in manufacturing, spent decades learning our craft, and remain experts in the field. We’ve streamlined the ERP menu to make product navigation (Fourth Shift, Visual, and Infor SyteLine) more intuitive.

Alongside ERP, we have a robust selection of companion software products. We’ve highlighted two — Tableau for business intelligence and MFGStream for shop floor automation. We believe these two products are gamechangers in terms of ERP modernization. In addition, we offer ERP professional services, ERP managed services, and ERP cloud hosting.

On the IT side of the house, we’ve clarified the industries in which we are experts – manufacturing, banking, and medical centers. Our core services are applicable to those industries, and we also have depth of experience in other industries as well. We are proud to continue to offer IT professional services, IT managed services, and expertise in Data & Infrastructure Architecture, and Thin Client Computing / VDI.

We’ve also simplified the valuable resources we share with our customers. Under the Resources tab, we have our blog, as well as a Presentations page. It is chock full of all our webinars and past conference presentations. We are pleased to share slide decks, video recordings, and other formats, to best serve our customers. And we have a page dedicated to our signature yearly conference, Fourth Shift Summit.

Lastly, we’ve made some design tweaks that closer match our company’s overall design aesthetic. We hope you find our refreshed site both visually pleasing, and easier to navigate!