Let ICG’s Experts Handle Your Next ERP Upgrade

Outdoor Venture Corporation (OVC) is a leading supplier of next-generation military modular tent systems, base camp components, and military accessories. Since its founding in 1972, OVC has expanded its offerings to include sleeping bags, military tents, hunting products, basecamp units, fire containment covers, and mining chambers.

When it came time to upgrade their legacy ERP, the price-point offered by Infor contractors was tempting. But then OVC realized that Infor did not have the proven track record or subject matter expertise. Because OVC works with the DoD, they are subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). ICG’s experts are well-versed in manufacturing technology, and possess a thorough understanding of regulatory compliance for a variety of manufacturing verticals.

ICG’s Professional Services Win the Day

Keeping your legacy ERP relevant means keeping the software current. Many customers indicate to us that their ERP is not working for them or they are not able to support such old software. In fact, a key reason is that they have not upgraded the software in years, even though they are paying for Infor Maintenance and Support for it.

To realize the full value of the software, it must be upgraded. We have multiple options for you from ICG’s CloudFour ERP Hosting to an on-premise upgrade. Let ICG keep your system current and compliant at all times.

Here’s what OVC had to say about their ERP upgrade experience:

“ICG’s bullet-proof methodology allowed us to seamlessly upgrade our ERP. We chose ICG because of their experience, track record of quality, and successful results. The upgrade process was well-communicated and coordinated and thoroughly documented.”