Managed Services Differentiators

ICG’s Foundation Approach is core to our success and our customers.  That foundation is not only based on experience & skill, but based on open and honest communication.  Below are 7 key items that make ICG a leader in Manufacturing Technology and Performance!

1. Transparency is Trust

ICG is always transparent with our customers, ensuring we earn their trust. We believe our customers want and need to hear the truth about the status of  IT Systems, ERP Software, or processes. We celebrate our successes and we own up to setbacks and mistakes and learn from them. ICG invests in a partnership with our customers delivering exceptional solutions with honesty, integrity, and accountability.


2. Manufacturing Sector-Focused for IT & ERP Solutions 

We understand what it takes to run a manufacturing facility. From the IT Foundation, to all components of the ERP system, we understand what to implement to ensure optimal facility performance.  Our team is the key — we have folks who have worked in just about every role within manufacturing:  CTO, CIO, IT Director, Shop Floor, Accounting/Finance, Production Scheduling/Planning, Customer Service, Shipping and Receiving and more. You name it, and we probably have experience in that area.


3. Process-Based Solutions are Key to Success

ICG is a process improvement company. We believe in developing processes that are efficient and deliver exceptional results. ICG can automate technology and application processes, ensuring you operate as efficiently as possible. In turn, we help you determine the KPIs to make decisions and manage your business.


4. Industry Standard Best Practices

With 30 years in the industry, ICG architects and implements only “proven technologies” and best practices for our customers. Knowing about them is one thing, but how and when to apply them is key. That’s where our decades of industry experience come in.


5. Applications and Database Experts

ICG excels with ERP and business applications. We know how applications work and what technologies are needed to deliver them. Knowing how individuals perform their jobs is vital to understanding what applications they need to be efficient.


6. One-Stop-Shop for Manufacturers

Some companies mitigate risk with having separate ERP and IT firms. In practice, the result is no unified CTO or CIO function to oversee the organization. Centralization allows for shared purpose and integrated goals.


7. IT Security Posture is a Core Focus

ICG is part owner of a cooperative specializing in IT Security. Everything we do has security in mind. And because we understand manufacturers, our IT Professional Services and Managed Services  include security leadership, guidance, and remediation specific to manufacturers.


If you are ready to experience the Managed Services difference that only ICG can provide, give your sales rep a call. We’d be glad to walk you through the next steps.