March Webinar 2 Recap

Critical Security Components to Protect Your Business

You can view the full recording by visiting ICG’s Presentations page. Or, we’ve recapped the webinar here:

We’ve been told countless times that IT security is critical. We see the news stories of security breaches and costly ransomware attacks. Maybe our own businesses have even been affected. But just because we know these things doesn’t always mean we act accordingly. Part of the reason is because security fatigue is a real thing affecting our teams.

It occurs for a variety of reasons:

  • Constantly changing technology and systems
  • Myriad of technology / software to implement security
  • Supporting end users is time-consuming and taxing
  • The number of end points to manage is ever-increasing, as is the number of devices


These, along with limited budgets, limited knowledge, and limited time to architect and implement, can make security a reactive process. At ICG, we want to ensure that your business is set up to proactively protect and respond to security threats.

But how to start?

We recommend the following steps:

  1. Outsource a discovery or security health check
  2. Build a security team that understands the specifics of your industry
  3. Create a plan (that includes decommissioning of EOL and non-compliant technology)
  4. Document policies and procedures so there is one source of truth
  5. Create ongoing opportunities for training and continuing education


And then what?

From there, we recommend 8 critical security components:

  1. Develop a security team with SMEs from across the business
  2. Purchase cybersecurity insurance
  3. Filter/archive/backup all email (we recommend Mimecast)
  4. Secure the perimeter of ALL locations (we recommend Fortigate)
  5. Stay compliant with OS, apps, and hardware
  6. Secure and monitor end-point devices (we recommend Data Guard 365)
  7. Ensure backups and disaster recovery protocols are in place (we recommend Datto and Veeam)
  8. Implement password management and multifactor authentication


ICG delivers all the above and more! We also offer security health checks or technology systems review, pen testing / security audit, data classification, and end-user training.