November Webinar Recap

Introducing CADLink

ICG’s November webinar introduced CADLink. You can view the full recording by visiting ICG’s Resource Materials page. Or, we’ve recapped the webinar here:

CADLink for Fourth Shift is a product designed to refocus your engineering time. It was created by a company called QBuild. QBuild aims to “reduce engineering costs by making engineering more productive.”

They believe that less data entry -> cleaner data -> faster design-to-production process -> better overhead ratio (i.e., company is more profitable)

Infor sells CADLink licenses, and ICG sells CADLink services. This collaborative partnership ensures customers have everything they need for a smooth CADLink implementation.

One of QBuild’s project engineers demoed the product, highlighting the following features:

  • It is a turn-key system designed to connect CADLink data to ERP
  • It can be launched directly from a CAD platform (provided the user’s computer has ERP software on it)
  • Upon open, it compares CAD data to ERP data, highlighting data discrepancies
  • These color-coded discrepancy cues allow for easy correction
  • Bi-directional updates sync data in both systems (e.g. re-labelling part types)
  • CADLink works with nearly all CAD programs and QBuild is continually adding more CAD partners


To find out if CADLink is a good fit for your engineering department, contact your ICG sales rep!