October Webinar Recap

Introducing Business Intelligence for Fourth Shift – Tableau


ICG’s October webinar introduced Tableau for Fourth Shift. You can view the full recording and slide deck by visiting ICG’s Resource Materials page. Or we’ve recapped the webinar here:

Tableau is a leader in the BI space, and the key differentiator is its intuitive & easy-to-use dashboard design. It is the most cost-effective way to view key indicators that drive business goals. Tableau bridges the gap between what information Fourth Shift currently provides and modernizes Fourth Shift. Define the data sets and the sky is the limit.

The template dashboards provide value from day 1 to users. And they can be customized to whatever data methodology the company uses. There are many drag and drop features and widgets that don’t require costly developer resources.

Tableau allows users to easily get right to the heart of the issue – without having to wade through lots of numbers. It easily flags outliers – you can’t manage what you don’t measure. And it gives a comprehensive visual overview of the entire shop floor at a glance.

Tableau Licensing and Implementation


Licensing bundle includes:

  • 1 Tableau Creator – Design and curate data sources; publishing permissions
  • 1 Tableau Explorer – Modify existing dashboards; manage users
  • 10 Tableau Viewer – View and run authorized dashboards



  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Purchasing Operations
  • Order Variance
  • Customer & Sales
  • Finance


ICG is planning for template updates on a quarterly basis, that include new views, bug fixes, etc. Because Tableau is cloud-based, users will receive these updates automatically. This also means Tableau can run on any device. You do not need to be using a cloud version of Fourth Shift. Manufacturers can also use Tableau data as visual signage to track and show metrics on the shop floor.

Customer requests for template features can be integrated into future templates, so that the product continues to be useful for all. Product implementation is fast and can occur within days. Additional training is available if desired.

We see Tableau adding tremendous value to Fourth Shift and believe you will, too! For more information or to demo the product, contact your sales rep.