Part 2: I Got a Guy – IT Super Guy (or System) does it all!

Putting all your IT eggs in one basket is risky. And it often delivers poor results for the business. Therefore, a strong team approach is critical to success.

Meet External Super Guy

Often, the “guy” is a technology contractor or vendor.  They are branded as both an expert in business AND an inexpensive outsourced solution. The problem is that 99% of IT companies only focus on IT components. They don’t know how a manufacturing company works. They also don’t know what is required to deliver the ERP and business software.

Business software is the foundation of the business. Delivering that anywhere anytime is critical to success. It is important to truly understand what the business needs to accomplish its goals.

Lastly, most “IT Firms” are not ERP and Manufacturing specialists. They are “technology only” companies. And, most are PC-based managed services for small business.

Take a proactive approach

It is vital to truly understand the business and drive the technology foundation to meet the businesses goals.

First, embrace and maximize technology. Some organizations rely on mismatched systems and outdated technology. The result is a reactive business.

Then, create a proactive environment between business operations and IT. This keeps the business ahead of the curve.

The right IT infrastructure and ERP system result in proactive IT solutions. These drive a successful business.