Visual 10 Upgrade

Infor Continues to Improve Visual and the Visual 10 Upgrade is no different!

Infor recently released Visual version 10. According to Infor, it provides “increased order flexibility, more robust financial management capabilities, and manufacturing execution advancements. [These] are designed to help modernize your production operations.”

Visual is well suited for all make-to-order, engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, assemble-to-order, and mixed-mode order-driven manufacturing environments. These include: aerospace & defense, automotive, equipment, high tech & electronics, and industrial manufacturing. Visual is available in 8 languages.

Visual appeals to manufacturers with any of the following strategic objectives:

  • Desire for low cost of ownership; particularly attractive to small and medium-size manufacturers
  • Highly scalable to grow as your company grows
  • Ability to integrate with other products to expand product functionality (e.g. CRM and quality management software offerings)


The product has continued to grow and expand with major enhancements occurring over each of the past three years. In addition to scheduled project roadmap items, Visual has also added customer requested enhancements each year: 53 (2019), 79 (2020), and 70 (2021). These customer requested enhancements ensure that the product features continue to align with actual customer goals.

Here are 5 key reasons to upgrade:

  1. Shop floor automation scheduling – manage schedules by department or work cell. This provides a comprehensive view of overall resources.
  2. Sales order individual line status – cancel, pause, or release products at the line-item level. This provides maximum production flexibility.
  3. Item vetting – use and phaseout status better control initial vetting of new items and phaseout of existing items. This helps more tightly manage inventory.
  4. Financial periods close by function – lock functions to make month-end close more controlled and phased. This reduces the likelihood of month-end errors and improves the closing period.
  5. Shop floor automation WIP management – streamline logistics for all work in progress (WIP). This allows resourcing for all WIP needs to occur seamlessly without disrupting existing operations.


To learn more about Visual version 10, demo the product, or learn about ICG’s Visual professional and managed services, contact your sales rep!