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Visual Companion Products

At ICG, we continue to innovate to ensure that Visual grows with your modern business. We offer companion products that are integrated seamlessly with the system to modernize it for the 21st century and help you improve your business. Whether your business needs business analytics/KPI dashboards, automated barcode & data collection, or a fully integrated eCommerce solution, ICG has a product for you. Visual integrates seamlessly with the best software development programs including MFGStream, Tableau, HaystackCRM, and more!

Software We Provide

Visual Companion Products

ICG’s full suite of companion products enable your ERP function to even more powerfully. These companion products are all fully integrated, and ensure Visual supports your manufacturing operations.

Sales & eCommerce / EDI


  • eCommerce
    • HarmonyB2B is an intuitive and modern eCommerce platform for legacy ERPs. It is also available in a B2C version and as a stand-alone customer portal module.
  • CruxDB
    • CruxDB web-enables legacy ERPs. It is a cloud-based database that provides the foundation for eCommerce, CRM, and custom app integrations. 
  • HaystackCRM
    • HaystackCRM has a modern, mobile-first platform designed to leverage and access relationship management data on the go.

Business Intelligence


  • Tableau
    • This easy-to-use, customizable dashboard provides business intelligence metrics, tailored to audience. From CEO to operations management to finance, Tableau offers fully integrated visual analytics to different segments of Visual users. Click here to learn more about Tableau.

Hosting & Managed Services


  • CloudFour Hosting
    • CloudFour Hosting provides private hosting and managed services for Visual ERP while delivering the security, speed, recovery, redundancy your business needs. Click here to learn more.
  • Managed Services for Acumatica Cloud ERP, Fourth Shift ERP, and Visual ERP 
    • ICG’s comprehensive services means that your business can take a hands-off approach to your ERP, allowing your business to focus on manufacturing the products that drive profit.
  • IT Managed Services 
    • ICG optimizes your technology and virtually eliminate downtime, allowing your business to run at its most efficient capacity. Click here to learn more.
  • DBA Managed Services 
    • ICG’s remote DBA service provides expert help and around-the-clock coverage to support your applications without the need for a full-time database administrator. Click here to learn more.

Manufacturing Data Collection & Execution


  • MFGStream
    • MFGStream is a next generation data collection & process automation tool that offers unparalleled flexibility. It is device- and manufacturing software-agnostic. Coming soon for Visual!
  • Paper-Less MV2 MES
    • The MV2 platform is a leading Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that delivers powerful results within manufacturing environments. It features tools to enable visibility and velocity across the shop floor, in order to drive the goals of the business.

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