Unveiling Impact: ERP Usability Across Industries
Unveiling Impact: ERP Usability Across Industries

ERP usability directly impacts user efficiency, satisfaction, and overall success of system adoption. In our previous discussions (Why ERP Usability Matters - Part 1 and Why ERP Usability Matters - Part 2), we’ve delved into the essence of usability, highlighting its significance in facilitating seamless interactions between users, software, and processes.

We’ve explored why usability matters, emphasizing its role in enhancing productivity, reducing errors, and driving success. We’ve dissected the elements of usability, from navigation and user-friendly design to accessibility and performance optimization.

This week, we discuss Acumatica's flexible usability across different industries. Each sector possesses unique operational intricacies, user requirements, and regulatory standards, all of which influence ERP usability demands. Acumatica's cutting-edge format offers industry-specific editions of the platform with capabilities tailored to each industry's distinct needs. 




Acumatica Manufacturing Edition uses embedded and connected functionality to maximize usability and streamline processes for all parts of the manufacturing business. The modern ERP system manages and analyzes production order details, costs, and resources with manufacturing data collection via mobile devices for clock-in and clock-out of jobs, material issues, and real-time job costing. Users can easily:


Deploy advanced scheduling algorithms and demand forecasts to manage their workload.


Synchronize demand with purchasing and production.


Improve estimate-to-order conversions with automated processes.


Maximize resources with finite capacity scheduling.


Shorten the engineering to manufacturing hand-off with engineering change orders and connectors for CAD and PLM applications.


Access real-time production data for costing and efficiency with manufacturing data collection.


Manage production standards with the bill of material global replace, copy, import, and visual engineering workbench features.










Acumatica Distribution Edition connects and illuminates processes throughout the distribution cycle, enabling warehouse, shipping, and transportation workers to manage daily tasks without leaving Acumatica. For example, users can receive live orders from multiple sales channels and view inventory across locations using any browser-enabled device. Workers can more easily:

Improve order management and eliminate errors with seamless connectivity into Acumatica and the ability to leverage customer order history.

Manage inventory and warehouse transfers, create pick lists, and process packaging.

Simplify item and inventory management with matrix items, lot and serial tracking, and configurable unit of measure conversions.

Optimize stock levels to avoid rush orders and stock-out scenarios using replenishment features with increased inventory turns and lower carrying costs.

Boost online sales with commerce, point of sale, and field service applications.

Create new orders based on customer order history with stock reservations and requisition workflows for purchase approvals with bids for vendor quotes.



Acumatica’s Construction Edition uses real-time project insights via role-based dashboards, analytics, and flexible reporting tools. These insights ensure seamless access to project and expense information from any location. Construction personnel can easily modify blueprints and update material costs or project plans on the go, while managers have the flexibility to approve expenses anytime, anywhere. Alongside its robust financials module, Acumatica can deploy leading construction management and estimating programs, all within a unified platform. The solution enables field, office, and remote workers to: 

Stay updated on projects, expenses, labor costs, and more with unified construction accounting software on a centralized database.

Keep users engaged and projects moving by eliminating inventory and PO management delays.

Expose changes in project scopes, labor, materials, and equipment using triggers and drill-down capabilities.

Simplify expense management with receipt capture from a mobile device.

Connect field workers with remote managers via configurable approval workflows for submittals, drawings, catalogs, daily filed reports, timecards, and RFI’s, on any device.


Acumatica emerges as a frontrunner in delivering comprehensive ERP solutions. With its customizable, cloud-based platform, Acumatica empowers organizations to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and drive innovation no matter the industry. By prioritizing usability, Acumatica enables businesses to leverage technology as a strategic advantage, driving sustainable growth and competitiveness. ICG is a Gold Certified Partner with the best resources for implementation and support for our clients.  Partnering with ICG offers accelerated white glove ERP implementation, knowledge transfer, continued support and updates, and an extended team that brings decades of construction, distribution, manufacturing, and shop floor automation expertise and the technology to deliver it. And, we are the only ERP team with an in-house full-service IT division.


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