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We are the largest Fourth Shift® consultancy in the world

Fourth Shift® is ICG’s ERP software of choice. Specializing in tackling the basic needs of your business and effectively driving your company forward, Fourth Shift® helps you improve both the quality and speed of operations, streamlining the manufacturing and reporting process overall so you can meet your goals faster.

Our proven, battle-tested methodologies for Fourth Shift® have persisted for more than 30 years. In fact, our executive officers and lead engineers have spent more than two decades working with Fourth Shift®, upgrading the system, and designing compatibility software to enhance the software. From daily monitoring and maintenance to training programs and upgrade and validation projects, ICG has everything you need to grow and maintain your operations under one roof.

Extend the Capabilities of Fourth Shift®

Companion Products

At ICG, we don’t just keep Fourth Shift® current. We also extend it by offering companion products that are integrated seamlessly with the system to modernize it for the 21st century and help you improve your business. Whether your business needs access to secure credit card authorization, a real-time warranty-service-return solution, or a fully integrated eCommerce solution, ICG has a product for you. Fourth Shift® integrates seamlessly with the best software development programs including VisiBar, VisiWatch, HaystackCRM, Avatax, and more!

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Everything your business needs

Fourth Shift® Services and Software

With our proven, battle-tested methodology for implementing and running Fourth Shift®, ICG helps ensure you improve the efficiency of your software and business operations.


Focus on your business goals without having to worry about your hardware, networks, or servers. CloudFour modernizes Fourth Shift®, delivering robust and secure ERP services on-demand.

Fourth Shift® Summit

Attend ICG’s three-day conference to network with business leaders from across the nation, learn about complementary Fourth Shift® products, explore new solutions, and share valuable strategies.