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We are the largest Fourth Shift consultancy in the world

ICG has specialized in supporting Fourth Shift for over 30 years. Focused on tackling the basic needs of your business and effectively driving your company forward, Fourth Shift helps you improve both the quality and speed of operations, streamlining the manufacturing and reporting process overall so you can meet your goals faster.


Our executive officers and lead engineers have spent decades working with Fourth Shift, upgrading the system, and designing compatibility software to enhance Fourth Shift’s functionality. From daily monitoring and maintenance to training programs and upgrade and validation projects, ICG has everything you need to grow and maintain your operations under one roof. Click here to view the latest Fourth Shift roadmap.

Modernize Fourth Shift

Everything your business needs

Fourth Shift Professional Services


With our proven, battle-tested methodology for implementing and running Fourth Shift, ICG helps ensure you improve the efficiency of your business operations.

CloudFour Hosting


Focus on your business goals without having to worry about your hardware, networks, or servers. CloudFour Hosting modernizes Fourth Shift, delivering robust and secure ERP services on-demand.

Fourth Shift Companion Products


Our software not only keeps Fourth Shift current, but it extends it. We’ve paired with the best in software development for companion products that streamline daily operations and simplify manufacturing and reporting processes.

Fourth Shift Summit


Each fall, ICG’s ERP experts convene a yearly conference on all things Fourth Shift and manufacturing technology.


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